Plastic Surgery for All the Ages

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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Plastic Surgery for All the Ages

Plastic surgery can help enhance or correct a variety of physical features. The procedures people want are often dictated by their age. Younger people often want to change or augment features, while older people seek to fight the aging process.

Teenagers Before Eighteen

Teens are still growing, and they do not enjoy the full decision-making privileges of adults, so most procedures are not appropriate in this time. Possible procedures in this age group, with the permission of their parents or guardians, include otoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast reduction and gynecomastia excision.

Eighteen Through The Twenties

Young adults can take control of their physical appearance. Women in this age group typically seek breast augmentation, while many men choose gynecomastia excision.

The Thirties

At age 30, a person’s metabolism typically starts to slow down. When this occurs, people may experience small changes in their appearance that make them unhappy. Liposuction and sculpting procedures are common types of plastic surgery that appeal to patients in this age group.  Also, young mothers see changes related to pregnancy and may seek out mommy makeover.

The Forties

The forties bring more visible signs of aging. This is the time when patients request minimally-invasive procedures such as Botox, Juvederm, and medical-grade skincare.  Mothers are often very interested in  tummy tucks, cellulite reduction, and breast lifts.

The Fifties and Sixties

Facelift, eye or brow lift procedures become popular in this age group. Neck lifts and laser resurfacing are other common choices for plastic surgery. Some patients elect a combination of surgical procedures that provide more comprehensive rejuvenation.

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