Your Surgical Experience: What To Expect & Where to Start

Our goal is to help you be your very best version of yourself and keep you informed every step of the way. We want to put your mind at ease and help make your journey as easy as possible — feeling comfortable and confident is essential when choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for you. 

Getting Started

We perform all different kinds of procedures, but every surgical patient’s journey starts the exact same way!

Connecting with us is the first step

Research is essential, whether you are wondering about all of your options or you know exactly what treatment plan you are looking into! At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we believe in educating our patients, so they can feel comfortable and confident during their whole journey with us. We provide information about surgeries, procedures, treatments and recovery all here on our website, so take a look around to learn more!

How to Contact Us:

Any of our team members can go over more information with you, answer your questions, and find a time that works for you to get you scheduled for your virtual consultation!

Give us a call at (614)-442-7610 or leave us a message through our website and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information!

Get In Touch Today!

Your Virtual Consultation

Your first touchpoint with your surgical team happens before you see us face to face. By beginning with the virtual consultation, our surgeons are able to review your online prep materials to prepare for your appointment, and you get all of your preliminary questions answered!

How To Prepare For Your Virtual Consultation

All online prep materials are completed on our HIPAA compliant patient portal, myTouchMD. We make this part of your process as easy as possible by emailing detailed instructions and examples on how to complete your materials before your appointment. We will have you submit pictures of the treatments areas you’d like to discuss with the doctor as well as complete paperwork for the surgeon’s review. They take the time to mark up the photos to use a helpful visual aid during your consultation, so you can see things like incision lines and generally how the surgery will work.

What Your One-On-One Consultation Looks Like

The virtual consultation is when you finally get all of the information you’ve been waiting for! Over video chat, you’ll get to hear the surgeon’s treatment plan, learn about all of the details from pre- to post-op, and get your questions answered.

Not only will the consultation cover everything on the surgical side, but you will also learn about the logistics of having plastic surgery. Our surgical coordinators will give you an exact quote for the surgical plan, go over financing options, and chat about the scheduling.

Whenever you are ready, our surgical coordinators will help you officially get on the schedule for surgery!

Preparing for Your Surgery

We have several touchpoints before your surgery to ensure our patients are comfortable and confident with their plan. We want to make sure you know exactly what to expect in regard to everything from pre- to post-op care.

The In-Office Consultation

After your virtual consultation, we will get you scheduled for your in-office consultation. This is the time when you will meet with your surgeon in person, finalize the details of the surgery, and ensure everyone is comfortable to move forward with your treatment plan.

This is a great time to ask your surgeon additional questions that you think of after your initial virtual consultation. Our providers will also use this time to take review further details about the surgery, take measurements, and find the right implant size to fit your body type (if applicable).

The Pre-Surgical Phone Call

About two weeks before your surgery, you will chat with a member of our clinical staff over the phone to confirm surgery details and go over further details of pre- and post-op care. Prior to this appointment, we will send you helpful documents that provide more insight into patient care.

We encourage patients to review these documents before their pre-surgical phone call, so they can ask questions that may arise after these readings.











The Surgery

Every surgery is different from patient to patient. However, some things are the same for everyone! 

The Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the surgery center for your procedure and meet with your plastic surgeon to review your plan together. You will leave after your procedure with all of the resources, materials, and instructions you need for a great recovery!

What To Expect

Surgeries are performed in surgical centers in the Columbus and Dublin areas. All surgeries are outpatient. On the day of the surgery, it is required that patients have a driver to transport them to and from the surgery center.

Local Surgical Centers

Our surgeons have privileges to perform surgeries in:

  • Dublin Methodist
  • Central Ohio Surgical Center
  • Riverside Hospital

Your surgery center will reach out to you the day before your surgery to let you know the exact time to arrive at the center.

Post Surgery: Your Recovery & Your Results

Post-surgical care is one of our top priorities here at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. After surgery, we will have you come into the office for post-op follow-up appointments to make sure your healing process is on the right track. We also have a great clinical staff ready to help with anything along the way.

Instructional Recovery Videos

Prior to surgery, your surgical team will review instructions and expectations about recovery, but you may have additional questions along the way. We will periodically email you helpful videos to address concerns, put your mind at ease, and review what’s normal two days, five days, two weeks, and one month after your surgery.

We want to ensure you are clear on expectations, so you can have the best post-op experience possible. Of course, you always have a wonderful and compassionate staff here if you have further questions or concerns.

dr donaldson and shruti

First Post-Op Appointment

About one week after your surgery, our patients come into the office for their first follow-up appointment. A member of our clinical staff will assess incisions and ensure everything is healing well. If you have a drain, this is when it will be removed.

This appointment is generally meant to address any further steps the patient will need to take to make their post-surgery recovery continue as smoothly as possible. Our clinical staff will advise on further steps involving compression garments, pain management, and any other needs.

Follow-Up Appointment(s)

One month after surgery, you will come in for another appointment with our clinical staff. Similar to your post-op appointment, they will ensure that the incisions have healed nicely and will then discuss scar care.

Three-month Follow-Up Appointment

Dependent on your surgery or healing process, we may ask that you come in for another assessment about three months after surgery. During this appointment, the provider may mention the possibility of revisions or further treatments meant to enhance your results!

Patients can expect to discuss revisions in more detail six months post-surgery.

The Graduation Appointment & Your Next Steps

During your final follow-up appointment, known as your Patient Graduation, a clinical staff member will perform a check-up to make sure everything looks great. Once we know you love your results, you will also meet with our surgical coordinator to chat about your experience and if there is anything else that we can help you with.

The Graduation appointment is typically our patients’ last surgical follow-up appointment, but we are always here for you in the future. If you would like to review results, have any questions, or are interested in another treatment, our door is always open! You are always welcome and we are here to help!

Testimonials Tell The Real Story

Our patient testimonials are a great way to share how our patients feel at the end of their journey with us. If you’d like to share your experience, we would love to showcase your perspective on our website for future patients to have personal insight into our practice. Filming a testimonial often feels like a full-circle moment for those who began their research by watching other patients’ testimonials!

Ready to Get Started?

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