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Hand Rejuvenation Treatments & Procedures

If you have cared well for your face and managed a trim physique, your hands may be your only visible signs of advanced aging. If your hands are giving away your age, Dr. Donaldson can help restore their youth and give you a stronger grip on your self-confidence.

Aging Hands: What Makes Our Hands Look Older?

The back of the hands often age faster than other areas of the body, and many people develop thin skin, numerous wrinkles, spotty pigment changes, prominent veins and hollow spaces between the bones. These issues may be treated through emerging surgical and non-surgical techniques, and Dr. Donaldson has the latest training and experience in hand rejuvenation procedures.

How We Help You Combat Hand Aging

An aggressive skin care and broad-band light (BBL) laser regimen coordinated by Dr. Donaldson will improve the surface irregularities and procedures, such as Radiesse injection or fat transfer, may smooth the wrinkles, fill the depressions and restore youthful fullness. This combination is capable of dramatic and lasting improvements and requires no incisions or downtime.

A Few Ways You Can Minimize Hand Aging Before It Starts

  • Keep a proactive eye on your nails, veins & skin
  • Begin a nightly moisturizing skin care cream regimen at first sign of aging
  • Protect your hands from harmful UV rays with lotion & gloves (during long drives)
  • Consult a wellness specialist to determine what products are best for you, personally, to prevent aging & repair damage
  • Keep in contact with Dr. Donaldson for the most up-to-date treatments to keep your hands looking healthy

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