Columbus, OH, Facelift: The New Cosmetic Procedure Chosen by Men

Is a Facelift Right for You?

Cosmetic surgery of the face is equally effective for men and women. In fact, each year more men are choosing these interventions to enhance their looks. Facial procedures are gaining immense popularity in Columbus, OH. Facelift is now a common solution for men who wish to turn back the clock or highlight and sharpen the angular profile of the face.

Facelift surgery helps restore the volume and fullness of your cheeks, lips and eyelids to give your face that refreshed, youthful look. It tightens sagging jowls and firms up the tissues to take years, even decades off your features. For men in Columbus, OH, facelift surgery by Dr. Donaldson can create a fresher, younger and more energetic look.

About the Procedure

Dr. Donaldson prefers a two layered approach to the male facelift. First, the deeper layers that tend to descend with gravity over time are lifted back into a youthful position. This creates a long-lasting, strong underlying contour. Next, the skin is redraped smoothly, naturally, but without wrinkles. This minimizes scarring and prevents the “windswept” appearance. Incisions are made as inconspicuously as possible. They are placed where the ear meets the side of the face, around the earlobe, and into the lower scalp area hidden within hair.

If you are a male seeking treatment in Columbus, OH, facelift surgeon, Dr Donaldson will closely examine each area of your face during consultation. He will consider the shape of your hairline and forehead, the relationship between your eyebrows and eyelids, the ratio of nose to cheeks, lips, chin and neck. Following these independent exams, Dr Donaldson will then consider your features together as a whole and suggest both surgical and non-surgical options.

As a skilled plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH, facelift specialist, Dr. Donaldson, extends his surgical experience to many varieties of facelifts, ranging from quick sutures to full facial rejuvenation that includes upper, mid and lower facelifts. To schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Donaldson at 614-442-7610 or simply send us your contact information with the form to the left.

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