Angie Scala, NP

A Passion For Patient Care & Aesthetic Excellence 

Angie Scala is our resident fertility specialist with a wealth of experience in oncology and nursing. She uses her professional training and personal history to help patients navigate their individual pregnancy journeys with grace and success. 

An Invaluable Addition To Our Thriving Wellness Team 

Angie has joined the wellness team at Donaldson after working as a provider and Surgical Navigator for the company since 2021. She works closely alongside her mentor, Dr. Marguerite Weston, to treat a variety of functional medicine patients, specifically patients focused on their prenatal and fertility health. Having experienced her own infertility challenges, Angie has developed a passion and devotion to functional fertility. 

She has completed training through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and continues to work towards completing her fertility and board certification through the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (A4M).

Angie's Story: A Lifelong Learner With Empathy & Drive

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Angie began her career working as an oncology and bone marrow transplant nurse at the University of Arizona Medical Center. Her naturally adventurous spirit then led her to travel to nursing opportunities in Colorado, Texas and California where she continued to flourish as an oncology nurse.

Angie eventually put roots down in Ohio and was thrilled to continue her career at The James while working towards completing her Master of Science in Nursing. In 2021, Angie graduated as an Adult and Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and completed her board certification through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Working as an oncology nurse helped shape Angie as a compassionate provider and sparked her interest in treating patients holistically with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention.

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Angie would love to walk alongside you during your fertility journey and take a deeper dive together into exploring all possible avenues to enhance your fertile health and pregnancy success. We invite you to schedule your personal consultation to discover the best path forward for you and your family. 

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