Nipple Reduction

Enlarged (Hypertrophic) Nipples: The Problem

Do you have large, projecting, puffy or sagging nipples that seem disproportionate with your breast? The cause of enlarged (hypertrophic) nipples is unknown, but there appears to be a genetic component, and the condition often worsens with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women are embarrassed by the width, height and sheer size of their nipples – whether seen through clothing, or in intimate situations. Aside from cosmetic concerns, excessively large nipples can chafe against fabric, ulcerate and cause pain.

Reduction Nippleplasty: The Solution

Dr. Donaldson favors a minimally-invasive surgical technique for nipple reduction that simultaneously decreases the height and width of the nipple, maintains sensation and allows for future breastfeeding. He usually performs this procedure under local anesthesia in the procedure room of his office. It may also be combined with other types of breast surgery in the operating room under general anesthesia.

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The Operation

You are asked to arrive thirty minutes before your nipple reduction procedure, so that EMLA local anesthetic cream may be applied to the nipple and areola. Next, the cream is removed, and the chest skin is sterilized before further anesthetic injections are placed so that the nipples are completely numb — you will NOT feel pain during the operation. Dr. Donaldson takes approximately thirty minutes per side, or a full hour to treat both nipples. All sutures are dissolvable, so that they do not need to be taken out in the future. When you are finished, you will be offered a peek at your new look! Next, a layer of antibiotic ointment is applied, followed by sterile dressings and a light bandage.

The Recovery

It is normal for the nipple to spot lightly for the first 24-48 hours. Often, extra-strength Tylenol is sufficient for discomfort. After 48 hours, showers are okay, and soaking in a bath or swimming pool should wait for approximately two weeks.

Long-term Results

Long-term satisfaction is very high among nipple reduction patients, because the results are natural, beautiful, and permanent. The vast majority of patients report no changes in sensation or erectile function, and the ability to breastfeed is still intact.

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