Otoplasty, Columbus, Ohio (Ear Pinning)

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Columbus, Ohio Ear Pinning Surgery

Ears frame our faces, so they play a huge role in our overall appearance. When ears are asymmetrical in size or placement, these differences are can be very apparent. An Otoplasty – or cosmetic ear pinning surgery – can help you get the look you’ve always wanted!

What Is An Otoplasty?

When trying to hide your ears, you may keep your hair long, wear hats, or make other changes even if they may not match your preferred style. Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can correct ears that stick too far out, the size of your ears, and asymmetry. The otoplasty procedure can help you achieve an aesthetic balance that you’ll love, so you can focus on looking how you want to look instead of hiding. 

About the Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is performed in the Donaldson Plastic Surgery office under local anesthesia. The ear cartilage is remodeled and anchored closer to the head for a cleaner, tighter appearance. If one ear extends farther than the other, it is treated more aggressively so that both sides are equal after surgery. The incisions that are made are completely hidden behind the ears.

What is Recovery Like?

Otoplasty is a straightforward procedure that results in minimal pain and downtime. After surgery, you will wear a compression band over your ears for about 4 weeks. You will apply an ointment to the area for about two weeks following your Otoplasty, and you may have activity restrictions. Dr. Sieffert will discuss a recovery process that is unique to you 

We will see you in the office for your first follow-up appointment about one week after your procedure!

Is Otoplasty Worth It?

The Otoplasty procedure has a 96% Worth-It Rating according to realself.com. and for good reason. Ear pinning is a low-risk, high-reward procedure. After surgery at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, you are able to wear the hats and sunglasses you like, cut your hair short, and swim without feeling nervous about showing your ears.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

The cost of Otoplasty can range depending on your desired results. Unilateral ear surgery can start at around $3,000 and a bilateral repair starts at around $5,000. Dr. Sieffert’s surgical team will provide you with an exact quote for your unique treatment plan at the time of your consultation.

Is it Right for Me?

Ear surgery addresses a lot of different issues you may have with your ears. Asymmetrical? Too big? Stick too far out? Otoplasty is customizable, so it can address all these issues. A great candidate is in good general health and has realistic expectations. The human body, including the ears, can never be 100% symmetrical, but you will see transformative results with an Otoplasty.

Embrace What Makes You Feel Uniquely Confident

Dr. Sieffert specializes in surgeries for the face, neck, and ears. She understands that these areas can’t truly (or should) be hidden. She has perfected her meticulous techniques to ensure that your results will look natural and any scarring will be minimal and hidden. Are you ready to get the ear shape and face-framing you’ve always wanted? Have additional questions about the procedure?

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