Otoplasty, Columbus, Ohio (Ear Pinning)

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Columbus, Ohio Otoplasty Procedures

Prominent ears can be embarrassing. Whether you noticed them in grade school or later in life, you can hide under long hair or you can choose to have ear surgery.

The Expertise to Help You Look (and Feel) Great

Columbus, Ohio otoplasty patients turn to Dr. Donaldson for help. Dr. Donaldson is renowned in the field in and beyond central Ohio, and has been frequently recognized for his work. Read more about Dr. Donaldson below to learn about the talent he brings to every procedure.

About Dr. Donaldson

Our Ear Surgical Procedures

Ear pinning or ear tucks are performed as same-day surgery with minimal pain and swelling. The ear cartilage is remodeled and anchored closer to the head for a cleaner, tighter appearance. If one ear extends farther than the other, it is treated more aggressively so that both sides are equal after surgery. The incisions that are made are completely hidden behind the ears.

The Results: An Improvement You Can Appreciate

For many patients in Columbus, Ohio, ear surgery leaves just one regret: They wish they had done it sooner! After surgery at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, they are able to wear the hats and sunglasses they like, cut their hair short, and swim without drawing attention to their ears.

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