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Did heavy earrings stretch your earlobes over the years? Are you no longer interested in having gauges? Or maybe a child accidentally tugged too hard on your hoops (ouch!)? Whether it was an accidental tear, intentional stretching, or something in between, earlobe reconstruction surgery can address these kinds of trauma and create a natural, balanced and symmetrical look.

An Outpatient Solution To Restore Natural Shape

To repair stretched or torn earlobes, our reconstructive expert performs a simple in-office procedure under local anesthesia, which typically lasts under an hour. The procedure involves removing the stretched area of skin and then stitching the earlobe back together to create the natural contour of the ear.

Small incisions are often hidden within the natural folds and creases of the ear, and the scar is minimized with three layers of repair.

About the Earlobe Repair Procedure

Is Earlobe Repair Right For Me?

The reasoning for earlobe repair is different for everyone. Oftentimes, gauges will prevent the skin from being able to return to their natural shape. If your lobes have stretched beyond their ability to retract or if your earlobes have torn, then surgical reconstruction may be your best option.

What is the Recovery for Earlobe Repair?

After several days, our patient care team will remove dressings from the earlobes, and healing is usually complete after several weeks. After several months of healing, one of our non-surgical experts will re-pierce your ears with a sterile medical technique.

Who Performs the Earlobe Reconstruction Procedure?

Stacie Isler is a Plastic Surgery Physician Assistant who specializes in reconstructive procedures. She is our foremost medical provider when it comes to performing repairs on torn earlobes. For gauged ears, Dr. Sieffert is your expert physician.

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How Much Does Earlobe Repair Cost?

The cost of an earlobe repair can vary depending on the needs of the patient. Is it one ear or both? Is it excessive stretch or a tear? It is also important to keep in mind that price is a reflection of the expertise of your provider and the care and overall experience at your plastic surgery clinic.

In general, reconstruction for torn earlobes ranges between $600-$1,400. Repair for gauged ears ranges between $1,800-$2,300. After meeting with your surgical clinician to discuss a plan, you’ll receive a quote with the total price including surgical fees, anesthesia, and additional supplies. You will also receive a complimentary re-piercing once your lobes are fully healed.

We want to work with you when it comes to your surgical timeline and pricing. Donaldson Plastic Surgery offers different financing options through CareCredit and Alpheon. If you need to push your procedure to a later date, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is Earlobe Reconstruction Worth It?

The simple answer is yes, earlobe repairs are definitely worth it! According to RealSelf.com, the procedure has a 96% “Worth It” rating (based on 365 reviews). When you have a torn earlobe or stretched lobes from gauges, it is noticeable, and these concerns cannot be addressed at home. Surgical ear reconstruction is typically the only option for repair. Earlobe repair is not only a corrective surgery, but it also will boost your confidence if you’ve been struggling with damaged earlobes.

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