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Get Permanent And Natural Results With A Lip Lift

Lip lift surgery is designed to uniquely add height and volume to the upper lip. Individuals of all ages can benefit from a lip lift to address lip size concerns, and Dr. Sieffert’s advanced technique will heighten your long-lasting results!

What Is A Lip Lift?

Lip lifts improve the appearance of the lips by increasing size, achieving symmetry, and creating an even and beautiful shape to your upper lip. Lip lifts are perfect for those who have always wanted a fuller top lip or for those who want to combat signs of aging. This straightforward procedure restores youthful features like slight visibility of the upper teeth and a more pleasant resting facial expression.

With a lip lift, you can expect to see long-lasting results with a quick and simple recovery.

About The Lip Lift Procedure

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that adds permanent volume and height to your upper lip. Lip lifts can focus on the top of your lip or corners of the mouth or sometimes both. The surgery reduces the space between the top of your lip and your nose which creates a more youthful look. It will add height to the cupid’s bow and lift the sides of the lips that are known as the vermilion border.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery from a lip lift is fairly quick. You will have some mild activity restrictions for only the first week after surgery (no exercise or heavy lifting). You can return to work once you are off pain medication, which is typically the day following surgery.

How much does a lip lift cost?

Dependent on the goal and technique of the lip lift, the price may vary. In general, the average cost is $4,000-$4,500, but this can vary depending on your desired results and individual anatomy prior to undergoing the surgery.

At the end of your initial consultation, your surgical team will provide you with an exact quote for your plan. They will discuss the details with you as well as financing options.

Is A Lip Lift Worth It?

For such a straightforward procedure, lip lifts can completely transform the face. It is no surprise that lip lifts have a 92% “Worth It” rating out of over 1,000 reviews on

Dr. Sieffert specializes in facial plastic surgery, so she will customize your lip lift to match your facial structure in a way that will meet your personal confidence goals. After a quick and easy recovery and then seeing your amazing results, there is no doubt that lip lifts are worth it.

Should I Get A Lip Lift Or Filler?

Lip filler is injected into the lips to create a temporary fullness and appearance of height. This non-surgical treatment can last between 6-10 months depending on the brand. Lip filler can add height to the lips, but its primary purpose is to add volume. If you are looking for a lot of height, then using filler might create an abnormally large pout.

A lip lift alone will not add as much volume as filler, but it is a permanent solution for creating a taller upper lip with more surface area.

Am I A Good Candidate?

This procedure can help address long-time insecurities if you have always wanted a larger upper lip or if your lips are thinning due to age; however, it is important to maintain realistic expectations. Removing skin from below the nose may give you a very lifted lip but removing too much can cause you to show off an unnatural amount of upper teeth or prevent you from closing your lips all the way.

A good lip lift candidate should consider that your natural anatomy may not be suitable for the exact results that they want. Be sure that you discuss all the details of your plan with your surgical team so you understand what results you can expect from your procedure.

How Does A Lip Lift Work?

Lip lifts are performed by removing skin from under the nose to pull up/elevate the upper lift. They are straightforward procedures that typically take about an hour in the office and are performed with local anesthesia. Depending on your anatomy, you may need a corner lift or upper lip lift. This will impact where your exact incisions will be placed.

In general, incisions are placed in the creases beneath, within, and around your nostrils. This placement will ensure that your scarring will be as unnoticeable as possible.

Dr. Sieffert Is A Facial Plastic Surgery Expert

After thoroughly listening to you and your unique goals, her meticulous technique ensures that you will see the results that you want. Dr. Sieffert and her team will ensure your questions are always answered and you are met with compassion, understanding, and exceptional care throughout your entire journey.

It is critical that you choose an experienced and credentialed board-certified plastic surgeon (particularly for facial surgeries) since your results are always on display!

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