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Discrete, Natural-Looking Facelift Procedures

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sieffert has quickly earned a reputation for natural results and hidden incisions that are often very difficult to find. You may be a good candidate for facelift surgery if you have lost skin elasticity and muscle tone of the face/neck, deep creases have developed between the nose and corners of the mouth, or if you feel facial and neck wrinkles are making you look tired. 

What is a Facelift?

Much of the current discussion around facelift surgery is about tightening skin, as well as restoring volume and fullness of the cheeks, lips and eyelids. A youthful face has soft curves and exuberant, full features; in contrast, an aged face is deflated, harsh, and hollowed. Dr. Sieffert is trained in the latest SMAS, volumetric and fat transfer techniques that convey a more rested and youthful appearance without looking tight or “over-done.”

Is A Facelift Worth It?

In our experience, patients have had immensely great results with their facelifts and consider this surgical procedure 100% worth it! Facelifts are an intense, yet incredibly rewarding surgical procedure. There are a number of considerations to make before embarking on this journey including: downtime, discomfort, tolerance, and expense. As you recover, we will provide you with everything you need to heal properly but you could have trouble doing some basic movements (like opening your mouth) for a few days. This takes a little resilience!

The total cost of a facelift (including OR costs and anesthesia fees) ranges from $12,000 – $14,000 depending on the depth of your procedure and a few additional factors. This cost will also include everything you need for post-operative care.

Options for Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Often, the best solution for facial rejuvenation is a combination of modalities that appropriately addresses each area of your face. This might include facelift surgery for your jowls, Botox for your forehead wrinkles, fat injections to give you more plump cheeks, a filler such as Restylane or Juvéderm for your deep creases and laser to the wrinkles beside your eyes. Dr. Sieffert will help you to fully understand the risks, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of each approach, then she will give you as much time as you need to make an informed decision.

The facelift is an outpatient operation that is usually performed under general anesthesia. While many surgeons make an obvious incision on the face in front of the ear, Dr. Sieffert discreetly places her incisions within the hair and inside the ear so they are almost completely hidden from view. The tissue beneath the skin is lifted into a more youthful position, then the facial skin is gently re-draped without wrinkles. Fat injections and surface treatments are performed last if necessary.

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Does a Facelift Include the Neck?

While some facelift patients do see some residual cosmetic improvements in the neck, the facelift does not directly correct skin laxity below the jawline. Our facelift patients often combine their facelift procedure with a surgical neck lift or Renuvion (J Plasma) skin tightening for the neck. 

Other nonsurgical skin tightening methods include Ultherapy, microneedling, Halo laser resurfacing, Broadband Light (BBL) laser therapy. 

What Is A Deep Plane Facelift?

This is a more advanced surgical technique that involves making changes to the deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue (known as the SMAS) while also lifting, draping, and tightening the skin covering the lower face and cheek. This is our preferred method because it is more comprehensive and allows our board-certified surgeons to make more significant, longer-lasting cosmetic changes.

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Recovery from a Facelift Procedure

After a facelift by Dr. Sieffert, you will wear a light headwrap overnight. She will likely remove it in the office the following day, then ask you to continue its use for one week. Pain medicine is given before, during and after the operation, and you will go home with a prescription so that you are always comfortable. Usually, all of the sutures are dissolvable under the skin so that no stitch removal is necessary. Bruising and swelling is often very mild; when present, it usually fades within a week or two. The final result of a facelift procedure is evident within 4 to 6 weeks, and improvements may continue for several months as the facial tissues readjust.

Your specific risks during facelift (rhytidectomy) can only be determined through a personal consultation, but Dr. Sieffert has a stellar track record of avoiding complications.

Additional procedures that might enhance the result of a facelift are:

A facelift is considered cosmetic and therefore is not covered by insurance. Our office will show you various financing options and work with you to determine the best payment plan.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

We generally consider a patient a strong candidate for facelift surgery if they:

  • are a nonsmoker
  • have the appropriate skin laxity
  • are in good overall health
  • have a strong facial bone structure (if not, a fat transfer and/or fillers may be a suitable option)
  • have realistic expectations out the outcomes surgery can achieve
  •  do not have prior health conditions that may inhibit the healing process

There are no age restrictions when it comes to receiving a facelift. However, we do assess candidacy based on the level of skin laxity in relation to age and your skin’s overall condition.

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About the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Sieffert will closely examine each area of your face, from your hairline and forehead, to your eyebrows and eyelids, to your nose, cheeks, lips, chin and neck. Each area will be considered independently, then as a whole. Your surgeon should be especially interested in the subtle blending of one aesthetic subunit into the next: Is there a sharp line between lower eyelid bags and your cheek that could be smoothed? Are there deep folds between your nose and the corners of your mouth that could be filled? Have your cheeks descended to your jawline such that they could now be lifted?

There are many varieties of facelifts, ranging from quick sutures to full facial rejuvenation that includes upper, mid and lower facelift. In general, a shorter procedure yields less lasting results. Contour Threads are an example of less invasive technologies that created fleeting results, and they have been discontinued.

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