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Chin Augmentation & Jawline Contouring

Have you ever thought of yourself as having a “weak chin”? Do you ever wish for a more defined jawline or a more attractive side profile? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may be a good candidate for lower face contouring with chin & jawline filler!

What is Chin and Jawline Filler?

Chin & jawline filler are popular nonsurgical injectable treatments that shape and refine the look of the lower face. Performed together or individually, chin & jawline filler can give you a stronger facial structure and more angular side profile. Dermal fillers of made of temporary hyaluronic acid are injected to build volume in these areas, which can provide a more angular appearance & optimize your face for its maximum potential!

A Closer Look at the Benefits: Chin & Jawline Filler

Correcting Jowls

Because of the laws of gravity, lower face anatomy is always affected by what is happening above it. As we age, our skin loses collagen, which leads to skin laxity and folds in the lower face. It can look like thin, excess skin is hanging from the jawline and around the chin, making the lower face softer and less defined. This is known as jowling, which can easily be addressed using filler in many cases. Chin and jawline filler can provide the “lift” needed to correct jowls quickly and efficiently.

Facial Slimming

Chin and jawline filler can also be used to slim the face. Lengthening the chin or creating definition along the jawline is instantly slimming, especially when combined with a cheek augmentation. Men and women who wish for stronger-looking jawline can opt for more volume to be placed at the back of the jawline, underneath the ears.

Facial Balancing

Adding filler to the chin and jawline can be very useful in creating overall facial balance. Beauty is about creating symmetry and balance between the left and right sides of the face, but also the top and bottom halves of the face. If we augment (enlarge) or shape one part of the face more than another, the face can appear unbalanced. Our injectors always take into account your overall features when determining if chin and jawline filler would be right for you.

The Chin’s Impact on Profile

Shape and contour are important aspects of the chin, and the chin is a key part of your overall facial aesthetic. Apart from simply adding volume to project the chin out further, your injector can also soften a pointy chin, or sharpen a weak one. 

What Kind of Filler is Used?

When we lengthen or add volume to the chin & jawline, we generally use a hyaluronic filler with a little more structure to provide that lift and contour that is important for tapering the lower face.

We traditionally use fillers like Radiesse, Voluma, or RHA 4 for the chin and jawline, but the product we choose really depends on our goal for the treatment. We can use fillers that are a little softer or more subtle if we’re addressing the areas of shadowing, or fillers that are denser if we’re truly mimicking bone structure.

Volux XC: The Longer-Lasting Filler For Greater Jawline Definition

Volux is the latest addition to Juvéderm’s growing line of incredible, FDA-approved cosmetic fillers. It offers almost 2 times as much elasticity as Voluma — and 3 times the cohesivity. This means that patients that opt for Volux get a highly structural, yet moldable filler that instantly provides a beautiful and natural-looking contour that can last more than 12 months. 

Ideal Candidate for Chin and Jawline Filler?

The ideal candidate for chin filler is anyone who has a poorly-projected chin, who is starting to see some shadowing in their pre-jowl sulcus (small depressions on either side of the chin, and a pre-cursor to the formation of marionette lines) , or any individuals who have concerns about their profile. Chin & jawline filler would help anyone who has a “weak” chin or jawline to improve their facial balance, and it is also often recommended balance out the lower face for those who receive a robust lip filler treatment, or individuals with micrognathism (undersized jaw).

Jawline contouring is a good treatment for anyone with mild skin laxity causing sagging skin around the jaw, an indistinct jawline, an in ill-defined angle from the jaw to the neck, or anyone who wishes for a sharper angle of the the jawline under the ears. The tiniest details make the biggest difference in how you feel about your facial appearance!

However, chin and jawline filler is not a substitution for the beautiful effects of a lower face lift, a neck lift, genioplasty (chin implant) or chin liposuction. Certain concerns for may make you a candidate to explore surgical options, and your injector will discuss your options with you at your consultation. 

How Long Does Chin and Jawline Filler Last?

It will last for approximately a year. Initially, we will likely have you come in for more than one filler session to slowly build you up to the profile that you want. This means that there will be maintenance treatments after a year in order to maintain your results.

How Much Does Chin and Jawline Filler Cost?

The cost for chin and jawline filler usually starts around $900. The price you pay is dependent on the amount of product needed to achieve your results, which can be done over the course of multiple treatments. Usually, a patient’s lower face augmentation is expected to fall somewhere between $900 and $3000.

What Should I Expect? Treatment & Results

At your consultation, we look overall at what your goals and concerns are. We discuss your anatomy, what to expect, and how the treatment will go. Then we decide on a product, review pricing, and determine if you’d like to receive your

When we’re ready to inject, we will sterilize the area and explain how the injection will feel. You might feel a needle poke, but many HA fillers have a numbing agent in them to increase your comfort. Once we’re done, we’ll review the aftercare, provide you with an ice pack to reduce the potential for swelling and bruising.

Why Choose Donaldson Plastic Surgery for Chin & Jawline Filler?

Our patients come to see us because they recognize that we truly care about educating them with the best, most effective treatment recommendations. You and your aesthetic specialist can discuss all different kinds of treatment options to help you achieve your goals. The individualized attention and range of available treatments will make the difference.

We are very realistic with expectations for treatment, are were not afraid to be honest and tell you that a desired result may not be achievable. Experience and anatomy will always be important to us to make sure you receive the most natural look, so you never look hardened or overdone — just the very best version of you!

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