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PRP for Sexual Wellness, a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that is helping people gain control over their own well-being. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the power behind this therapy (commonly referred to as the “O-Shot”). Using your own blood’s natural growth factors, the treatment increases your sexual satisfaction, rejuvenates your erogenous zones, improves your ability to reach orgasm, and optimizes all of your intimate experiences after just one visit!

The O-Shot can be used to help treat mild Stress Incontinence. It cannot treat Urgency, Functional or Overflow Incontinence.

Do you find yourself thinking the following:

  • “I wish I was able to get in the mood when I want to be.”
  • “I enjoy sex, but I need so much stimulation to be intimate.”
  • “I wonder if my partner knows I’m enjoying myself?”
  • “I’ll never feel as sensual and excited as I did before having kids.”

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then PRP for Sexual Wellness may be your solution! Using the growth factors of your own blood, you can now fix your most intimate issues and get back to feeling like your more youthful, vital self. 

The O-Shot in Columbus, OH

You may have heard PRP for Sexual Wellness referred to as the “O-Shot.” This is the colloquial name for this unique therapy — here, it goes by either O-Shot or PRP for Sexual Wellness. Whichever feels more comfortable to you! 

What is PRP for Sexual Wellness?

Sexual Wellness Therapy using PRP (commonly referred to as the “O-Shot”) is a minimally-invasive treatment that involves the injection of PRP (the components of your blood most beneficial for healing and restoration) into the walls of the vaginal canal and clitoris. The direct introduction of these platelets and growth factors to the tissue encourages angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and neuroregeneration (repair and restoration of nerve endings) to re-innervate the targeted cells, allowing for natural recovery of sexual function in the forms of increased sensitivity and lubrication.

The Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is plasma from your blood with a high concentration of platelets, the unique biological healing agents that encourage tissue growth and restoration. Platelets are activated during the body’s natural healing process; when you sustain an injury, your body sends a signal to flood the injured area with blood and platelets to repair the damage, create new cells, and make the existing cells more functional.

This same restorative principle carries over when PRP is used for other applications (such as hair restoration or vaginal rejuvenation) where the goal is to target and reinvigorate specific tissues. PRP is not only platelet-rich, but also nutrient and protein-rich as well, enhancing its regenerative properties.

Sexual Wellness Benefits of PRP Injections

Enhances Intimacy

PRP Therapy for Sexual Wellness (A.K.A. the “O-Shot”) is a quick and comfortable PRP treatment with incredible benefits for your sexual wellness. Benefits of the treatment include an increased sensitivity to stimulation, increased pleasure, more frequent orgasms, increased lubrication, and decreased discomfort during sex. The physical benefits are dovetailed nicely by the emotional satisfaction that this treatment can bring. Sexual wellness is typically a large component of maintaining healthy relationships and self-esteem. This treatment is a powerful tool you can use to lead a more satisfying and more fulfilling life.

Treats Mild Stress Incontinence

Another benefit of the treatment known widely as the “O-Shot” is lessened urine leakage. It also treats mild stress-related urinary incontinence by strengthening the body’s pelvic floor, which is responsible for controlling the flow of urine. Incontinence and accidental leaking is very common symptom after childbirth, making mothers excellent candidates for this treatment!

Helps Other Conditions

Other conditions the PRP treatment can help improve include vaginal atrophy, pelvic floor dysfunction, discomfort or pain during intercourse, internal vaginal scarring, or scarring from a perineal tear or episiotomy after childbirth. Make your injector aware if you suffer from any of these (or any related) conditions to discuss how PRP injections may be able to help.

What to Expect: the PRP Procedure & Results

Your Consultation

A consultation is required prior to performing the treatment, where you will meet with our PRP injector, Stacie. You will discuss what issues you are facing and what sexual wellness therapy with PRP can do to address them. You will have all of your questions answered about how the treatment is performed and what you should expect. After your consultation, we will plan a date for your treatment to occur!

The PRP Procedure

At your Sexual Wellness Therapy appointment, you will meet with Stacie to ask her any remaining questions you have and she will explain to you the steps of the procedure. A topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the area of treatment as you relax comfortably. As the numbing begins to set in, we will draw a sample of blood to create the PRP solution. About 2 tablespoons (52 ccs) of your blood will be drawn and dispensed into the PRP machine for separation.

We will then wait for approximately 17 minutes while your blood is separating in the centrifuge of the PRP machine. The machine works by spinning the blood rapidly, dispersing the molecular components of your blood based on their precise weight — as a result, all of the beneficial platelets and growth factors from your blood sample are isolated and become the PRP concentration.

Your injector will then collect the potent PRP in a syringe (which ends up being about 3 to 5 ccs after separation) and begin the procedure. Usually 2 to 4 injections are performed in total. You may experience some pinching and cramping with each injection, but the anesthetic does a nice job of keeping this part very tolerable. The procedure takes about 5 minutes in total!

Results After the Treatment

After the PRP is injected, the platelets get to work creating new, healthy cells in the targeted tissues. There are several things you can expect after the therapy, including increased lubrication, a heightened sexual desire, and an improved ability to have (multiple) quicker, stronger orgasms. If you face mild urinary stress-incontinence, you’ll notice improvement in just a couple of days, and the onset of increased lubrication and the sexual benefits will become noticeable a few days later.

If you’re planning for your effects to peak before a certain window of time, you’ll want to schedule the injection to occur 2-4 weeks before the intended period. Results tend to last around 6 to 9 months; as soon as you notice the effects begin to fade, you may be ready for another treatment.

How to Prepare Before the Injection

A Few Days Before

Your body’s natural healing process (increased blood flow and the inflammation response) is the mechanism of action behind the treatment, meaning medications that suppress your body’s healing process may interfere with your results. You will want to allow the inflammatory response to take its course in order gain the full benefits. For this reason, you should stop taking anti-inflammatory medications (including antihistamines & NSAIDs like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc.) a couple of days before your treatment. Only resume taking them approximately 5-7 days after receiving the treatment.

Your Blood Will Be Drawn

PRP treatments also require a sample of blood to be drawn. The blood extraction experience is identical to that of donating blood, and should be quick and virtually painless. To prepare, we recommend you hydrate well (using water and electrolytes) to ease blood flow, and eat a snack before and after your treatment.

Before Your Treatment

Before you receive PRP injections, we recommend that you shower and prepare for your injector to access the areas intended for revitalization. Being on your period is not a contra-indication for the treatment, but you may feel more sensitive or prone to discomfort and cramping. Please inform us ahead of time if you are on your period or have any indication of an infection at the time of your treatment; we may choose reschedule your appointment for another time.

Downtime & Possible Side Effects

PRP for Sexual Wellness is incredibly safe due to the fact that it is a sterile procedure that uses your own blood — no foreign substances are introduced into the body, meaning there is virtually zero chance of the treatment being rejected! However, afterwards, you will likely experience 48 hours of tenderness and swelling at the injection sites.

It is also possible you may experience some light spotting and cramping. We recommend you refrain from intercourse, tampon use, and exercise until these symptoms subside. Depending on your profession, you can usually go back to work immediately after treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sexual Wellness Therapy?

Anyone who wants to improve dryness, libido, sensitivity, and the physical expression of desire can stand to benefit from the O-Shot! Life stage, identity, status, sexual orientation, cultural background, or other physical characteristics don’t matter — if you are eligible to receive the treatment, you are able to enjoy its many benefits.

Ask your provider at your consultation if there are any other unique circumstances you should consider. Please make us aware if you are allergic to lidocaine and numbing medication, and make sure you have a good understanding of restrictions and downtime expectations.

That said, not all patients are eligible to receive the treatment. Some blood disorders may make you ineligible for PRP therapy. People with low platelet counts generally do not make ideal candidates; you can likely still have the treatment performed, but it may require a larger blood draw. People who regularly take steroids or immunosuppressants are also generally not good candidates. If you are not a candidate for PRP for sexual wellness, you may still be a candidate for our other sexual rejuvenation treatments!

How Much Does a PRP Treatment Cost?

PRP treatments like the “O-Shot” usually cost about $1,500 per treatment. We recommend repeating the treatment every 6 to 9 months to maintain best results.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Trio: "O-Shot", diVa & Labiaplasty

If you are seeking a complete sexual wellness transformation, total vaginal restoration is possible. The most effective treatment is achieved when you combine this treatment with the diVa and diVaTyte vaginal laser therapies and labiaplasty. This trio of treatments works so well because its benefits are greater than the sum of its parts — when combined, the additive effects of each treatment do more to enhance your results. It fully addresses all of the things that may be preventing you from enjoying your body fully: excess tissue, dryness, low libido, tightness, discomfort during intercourse, pelvic floor dysfunction, and even mild urinary stress-incontinence.

Diva Vaginal Laser Therapy

diVa vaginal laser therapy is quick, painless restorative laser treatment that tightens the vaginal canal & resurfaces the inner tissue. Similar to the effects of PRP for sexual wellness, intimacy is improved after the treatment because more functional cell tissue is left to increase sensation and lubrication. PRP and diVa can even be performed during the same visit!

Labiaplasty & DivaTyte

Sexual wellness also encompasses aesthetic concerns that can impact your comfort and self-esteem. diVaTyte is an external laser treatment, designed to tighten the labia and surrounding tissue using heat. Labiaplasty is a straightforward, minimally-invasive surgical procedure that typically involves the removal of excess labial tissue to create a more neat, “tucked in” appearance of the vulva. These treatments can improve intimacy from both a mental and physical standpoint, with no loss of sensation. A special hood reduction is also often performed during a labiaplasty, which exposes the clitoris more to enhance sexual function and experience.

If you are curious to find out more about labiaplasty, you can read more about this life-changing procedure from Dr. Michelle Sieffert here: Labiaplasty, from a Female Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective.

PRP at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Your PRP Treatment Experts

The providers and staff at Donaldson Plastic Surgery are experienced and well-versed in the applications of PRP and its amazing properties. In our practice, we use PRP for hair restoration, post-treatment recovery, and in combination with microneedling for the popular and beneficial “vampire” facial in our medspa. Stacie, our PRP specialist, has an excellent bedside manner and experience working with PRP for wound healing, plastic surgery recovery, and various aesthetic applications for over a decade.

Our advanced machine (The Magellan®) is top-of-the-line, FDA-approved, and designed to give you the very best platelet concentration and most efficacious treatment possible. It is automated to concentrate the rich platelets of your blood into the exact volume for therapeutic treatment. Other machines rely on the configuration to be determined by the practitioner, which can leave room for error or lead to less-than-ideal results.

Kind, Caring, and Qualified

Stacie Isler is a NCCPA Board-Certified and State Licensed Physician Assistant, specializing in plastic surgery. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, Stacie runs day-to-day clinic operations and oversees all pre- and post-op care, while also performing all our full range of injectable treatments. She compassionately understands what you want and can help you achieve it in under 30 minutes.

Stacie’s patients say they can’t imagine seeing anyone else. Ready to see what they mean? Request to meet Stacie for a consultation!

How Can I Get PRP for Sexual Wellness?

As plastic surgery and medical aesthetic providers, we are uniquely qualified to address the emotional and aesthetic needs of our patients, provide the proper atmosphere for a comfortable experience, and offer a wider range of services than your typical OBGYN or sexual health clinic. The recommendations you will receive from our staff are guaranteed to address your unique concerns and be formulated with you in mind.

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Like many of our other in-office treatments, a consultation is necessary before receiving the treatment. You can set up a consultation to meet with Stacie, our PRP specialist, to talk about the treatment. Find out if you are a candidate and schedule your sexual wellness therapy today!

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