Skin Care, Columbus, Ohio: Start Receiving Compliments on Your Skin!

Finding the Right Skin Care System for You

We start with the premise that every one of our patients can achieve beautiful skin. Each individual has a unique complexion that will respond to the right combination of products and treatments.

Whether your face is oily, dry, pigmented, sun-damaged, broken-out, pocked, dull, deflated or simply in need of a little attention — we will help you improve and maintain healthy skin. Visit our newly expanded skincare center at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

Our team takes time to meet with each individual in private consultation. We will discuss skincare goals and treatment options, then outline a customized plan. We may also help you consider the pros and cons of Botox and fillers, and facilitate a plastic surgical referral if necessary. Dr. Donaldson’s patients see our skincare team for pre- and post-operative recovery strategies as an adjunct to his plastic surgical procedures as well.

Combining Procedures for Superior Results

The SkinCORE Program (Creating Optimal Results) is exclusive to Donaldson Plastic Surgery. A collaboration between aesthetician and plastic surgeon, it offers a comprehensive peri-operative approach to skincare that manages the effects of the skin on plastic surgery and the effects of plastic surgery on the skin. As a patient, you will receive close attention from our team and Dr. Donaldson before, during, and after each procedure.

With each passing day, your skin accumulates more damage when left untreated; however, when properly maintained, it will begin to repair. Whether you are looking for a relaxing facial or a more advanced treatment, the skincare center at Donaldson Plastic Surgery offers an array of products and services:

We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your complimentary Skin Care Evaluation!

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