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We start with the premise that every one of our patients can achieve beautiful skin. Whether your face is oily, dry, pigmented, sun-damaged, broken-out, pocked, dull, deflated or simply in need of a little attention — our skin care specialists will help you improve and maintain healthy skin. We will even write you a customized and detailed plan for your unique concerns!

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Tatjana's Skin Care Line

Exclusively Available at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Even with the amazing skincare lines we carry in the office, we knew there were gaps in what we were able to provide our patients. So Tatjana, our Senior Medical Aesthetician, got to work and created her very own skin care line — Tatjana Skin Care by Donaldson Plastic Surgery. The Tatjana line contains a comprehensive range of products created with you in mind. These products are medical-grade, fill in the gaps in your skincare regimen, and perfectly complement our collection of high-quality skin care product lines.

Result-Driven Skin Care Products

Medical Grade Skin Care Lines

If you are ready to finally find the right skin care products that will get you results you want, look no further! The medspa at Donaldson Plastic Surgery offers medical-grade skin care products that are proven to improve the look and state of your skin.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of skin care, which is why we formulate customized recommendations for your unique skin care regimen based on your skin’s needs. 

We carry the following Professional Skin Care brands:

  • The Tatjana Line by Donaldson Plastic Surgery
  • Environ Skin Care
  • Alastin
  • skinbetter
  • SkinMedica
  • Revision Skin Care
  • DefenAge
  • Latisse

Placing Skin Care Products In Our Medspa

Guidance from Experts

Consult with the Best

Feeling stuck in your skin care routine? Not getting the results you want? Talk to our trained medical aestheticians about your concerns. Tatjana Dzamov and Nikki Rucinsky have more than 25  years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry and a passion for natural products and proven results. We can guide you toward the products & services that will help you achieve your goals.

Providers You Can Trust

Tatjana and Nikki both have a solid medical foundation, so you can be confident that our solutions are safe and targeted to give you the most beautiful, natural-looking results. Our treatments are long-lasting, just like our client relationships. We want to be your forever skin care consultant and we won’t ever recommend an unnecessary treatment or procedure.

Facials & Treatments

Professional Facials

Receiving regular facials is crucial for proactive protection & maintenance of beautiful skin. We recommend receiving at least one facial every 3 months, or once a season. With each passing day, your skin accumulates more damage when left untreated – when properly maintained, it will actively begin to repair itself. Facials deeply cleanse the face of built up debris by opening up the pores and exfoliating away dead skin.  

Advanced Skin Services

If you are looking for a more advanced, targeted treatment, the Donaldson medspa offers an array of services to choose from.

Combining Treatments for Superior Results

Lasers, Injectables, and Surgery

Our approach is medical-first, so we bring a comprehensive view of your health that only a plastic surgeon’s office can provide. Our practice is a unique collaboration between our medspa, aesthetics team, and plastic surgeons, who take a holistic approach to skincare, looking at your skin’s overall health and condition to recommend the appropriate products and treatments for you.

During your consultation, any concerns you may have regarding your skin will be addressed, including wrinkles, folds, dark under-eye circles, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, dry or oily skin, large pores, blackheads, sensitivity, sun-damaged skin, skin firmness, and and aging skin.

Target Causes to Maximize Results

Sometimes there are underlying causes to your concerns that may be best addressed by one of our other providers. You may be referred to explore our non-surgical treatments to address unique concerns and conditions, or even surgical options with Dr. Sieffert. Possible alternative treatments may include:

Let's Find Your Forever Skin Care

Each individual has a unique complexion that will respond to the right combination of products and treatments. We will work with you to find your special combination of medical-grade skin care products, advanced facial treatments, and guidance from our highly-trained experts. Once we find your regimen, your skin will stay in its best condition for years to come!

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