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Columbus, Ohio Chin Plastic Surgery

Many patients, both men and women, are unsatisfied with the appearance of their chin.

Why Consider Chin Surgery?

A chin may appear to be too small, or set too far back when compared to the rest of the face. The chin line may be obscured by sagging skin due to aging or by fat layers that have accumulated. Chin correction procedures (genioplasties) may involve one or more procedures, depending on patient need.

Our Options for Genioplasty Procedures

If your chin is simply recessive, Dr. Sieffert may suggest a small chin implant to bring the chin out to proper proportions. An incision is hidden under the chin and a customized plastic implant is fitted into place on the bone of the chin. The procedure is relatively simple and results are immediate with minimal swelling and bruising. A “sliding genioplasty” is an alternative that only uses the patient’s own jawbone to make the correction, so that an implant is not needed.

We’ll work with you to determine the cause of the issues with your chin, then put together a strategy to deal with it. Whatever the case, our expertise can help you deal with it.

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What to Expect After Surgery

When your chin is treated in our Columbus office, as with all surgical and non-surgical procedures, our attentions are focused entirely on you and your vision for the best possible outcome.

Some swelling and/or bruising is normal after undergoing genioplasty. Pain will be managed through medications that we can prescribe, and usually dissipates entirely within two weeks.

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