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Facial Fat Transfer Columbus, Ohio

Facial fat grafting surgery uniquely restores youthfulness in the face by correcting thinning or hollowed features, sinking cheekbones, and overall signs of aging. Expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Sieffert has perfected this form of facial rejuvenation here in Columbus, OH!

What Is A Facial Fat Transfer?

Put simply, the surgeon takes fat from an area of the body where you don’t want it and injects it where you do! Fat transfer is an advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedure used to fill out or plump tissue under aging areas, scars, and deep wrinkles. It refines natural contours and smooths the surface of the skin.

How Does A Facial Fat Transfer Work?

Fat grafting can add volume to the cheeks, nasolabial folds, temples, and lips. Fat can be removed from anywhere in the body but is typically harvested from the abdomen or thighs. Once the fat is removed, it is purified through a filter or centrifuge before injecting. Your surgeon will likely overfill the area because approximately 20%-50% of the fat is eventually reabsorbed throughout recovery.

Patients have noticed ongoing improvements in skin tone, pore size and overall appearance for several years following surgery, with the results lasting a lifetime.

Is This Procedure Right For Me?

Fat grafting is perfect for those who have lost facial volume typically due to aging. If you are experiencing overall droopiness of the face, a tired look, or hollowing of your cheeks, facial fat grafting can help create a natural and beautiful look. You are an ideal candidate so long as you are in good health and have realistic expectations for your surgical results.

Your results will develop over the course of 6-12 months, so being aware of and prepared for the entire recovery process is essential when evaluating the results of your surgery.

What Is Facial Fat Grafting Recovery Like?

You will see the final results of your facial fat grafting procedure between 6-12 months after your operation. Since fat grafting is often combined with other surgeries, downtime and recovery may vary. In terms of just fat transfer to the face, pain and discomfort are minimal. You can expect to be back up and walking around just a few days after surgery. You will have some activity restrictions that will be lifted throughout your 4 weeks of recovery.

You can return to work after about a week so long as you are able to follow your instructed restrictions.

Should I Get Fat Grafting Or Fillers?

Fat grafting is a permanent solution to volume loss in the face. The processes are similar in that both treatments include adding volume by means of injection. In general, dermal fillers require less downtime, and they last about 8-12 months depending on your metabolism and the exact product.

Filler provides an excellent opportunity for you to see the effects of additional volume before the commitment of a surgical solution!

How Much Does It Cost?

Since liposuction is involved, the cost of facial fat grafting varies, because the amount of fat being removed can impact the cost. Typically, basic facial fat transfer ranges between $4,000-$5,000. You will receive an exact quote from your surgical team based on your custom plan, and they will review financing options during your first consultation.

How Long Will Results Last?

Fat grafting is permanent. You will see your full results between 6 months to a year after your surgery. During this time, 25%-50% of the fat that was injected into the face will naturally reabsorb into your body. If you lose weight, the fat added to the face isn’t as susceptible to the disappearance, although it is still possible. Fat grafting does not prevent continued aging. It is common for patients to get touch-ups of facial fat grafting.

Is Facial Fat Grafting Worth It?

Facial fat grafting is a great addition to other surgeries like facelifts and eyelid lifts, as well as it being a transformative procedure all on its own. Through fat grafting, you can address two areas at once- the area where fat is being removed and the area that is going to receive the volume from that fat. Patients appreciate the ease of the procedure and recovery. It is the perfect solution for regaining a naturally youthful look.

How Can I Maximize My Results?

Facial fat grafting is often used in combination with facelifts and eyelid lifts to combat signs of aging. When skin is pulled back during a lift, it may leave your face looking thinner than preferred. Transferring fat, especially to the cheeks, can help create a more youthful appearance.

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