Fat Transfer, Columbus, Ohio: Facial Rejuvenation

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Columbus, Ohio Fat Transfer Surgery

Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson offers fat transfer procedures for facial rejuvenation, including treatment of thinning or hollowed facial features, restoration of “high cheekbones,” wrinkle removal, scar reduction and repair of damage from acne, skin grafts or radiation

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is an advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedure used to fill out or plump tissue under aging areas, scars and deep wrinkles. It refines natural contours and smooths the surface of the skin.

About the Procedure

Put simply, the surgeon takes fat from an area of the body where you don’t want it and injects it where you do want it! It can be combined with liposuction to create beautiful results. Unlike HA fillers, such as Restylane and Juvéderm that dissolve over time, the fat transfer only has to be done once for permanent results.

After the fat is removed from the body and purified, it will survive in its new location and continue to provide lasting effects through volume and stem cell activity. Patients have noticed ongoing improvements in skin tone, pore size and overall appearance for several years following surgery, with final results being permanent.

Our Facial Rejuvenation Expertise

Although this surgical procedure is generally considered safe and minimally invasive, you should choose an experienced surgeon for your fat transfer. Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Dr. Donaldson brings his world-class training and experience to this treatment area. He has helped many patients achieve their goals with fat transfer, and was recently featured on television (WBNS-10TV) for his cutting-edge technique.

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