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Post-Operation Recovery Referrals

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Our Trusted Post-Op Recovery Resources In Columbus, Ohio

Whether you live in Dublin, Ohio or you are coming in from out of town, preparing for surgery requires more research than just finding your clinic. Sometimes, you may need additional support. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite businesses, products and services to lift the weight of planning off your shoulders.

Of course, your surgeon’s recommendations should be prioritized, but these are the services, resources and 3rd parties that we typically recommend to our patients!


Medical Transport Options

Your drive from the surgery center back home should be comfortable and safe. When it comes to our post-op patients, Uber just isn’t going to do it.

Pet Boarding & Sitting

Depending on the personality of your furry best friend, they may provide a much-needed boost of emotional support – or they may require a high level of attention that isn’t possible during post-op. The last thing you want is for your dog to hop on your incision while in surgical recovery. Feel relief knowing your pet is in the best hands while you heal.

Pet Boarding Options While Recovering

Housekeeping Services

Healing should be a top priority for surgical patients, so don’t let the pressure of maintaining a spot-free home get in the way of your health. We recommend two independent contractors for housekeeping. Please email Kelly at [email protected] for their contact information.

24-Hour In-Home Care

Are you in need of post-op support from a professional? In-home services are great for those first couple of days when you need someone to help with post-op care, personal care, and medication distribution.

Overnight Stay in Dublin Ohio

Medical Overnight Stay Hotel

Most of our patients head straight home after surgery, but some prefer to stay somewhere else for the first stage of recovery. A recovery hotel is preferred by those who would like extra professional care in a more tranquil environment.

The GRAND of Dublin is a senior living and nursing center to support patients 24/7 with post-op care, meals, medication and more. It adds a sense of serenity during your healing time.

Trusted Childcare Services

For patients who need assistance with their children, we recommend these safe and certified childcare providers:

Medical Supplies

Your surgical team will inform you of everything necessary to purchase prior to surgery. We will provide you with everything you need, but sometimes you may want some additional supplies to make recovery more comfortable. We recommend checking out Amazon or places like Target or Lowes depending on your needs.

Here are some common ones:


Meal Delivery Services

We love DoorDash and UberEats but they aren’t exactly known for their well-balanced recipes. Remember, you will want to prioritize your protein levels and other nutrients to aid healing. There are food delivery options out there that believe in using healthy, quality ingredients to curate an array of well-balanced meals.

Fit Fresh Fast is a locally-owned meal delivery service that puts health at the forefront. They offer individual and family-size pre-made meals made with quality ingredients.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is sometimes recommended for liposuction patients to help decrease swelling. Our contacts are medically trained massage therapists. Ensure that if you move forward with lymphatic massage, they are credentialed.

Need Further Advice? We're Always Here.

You’ve done the research but still have questions. Sometimes chatting with a real person is just what you need to put your mind at ease! Your patient care team is always here to help you through your surgical journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out!