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The FDA-Approved Wrinkle Relaxer That Lasts Up To 6 Months In Most Patients 

Daxxify is the newest aesthetic treatment by Revance Aesthetics designed to minimize frown lines for a minimum of 24 weeks (about 6 months), with many patients experiencing noticeable results lasting up to 9 months. Our providers are trained and certified to administer Daxxify in Columbus, Ohio

We are proud to be one of the first practices in the world to offer this treatment as part of the  DAXXIFY™ PrevU Early Experience Program! 
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It's About Time: Daxxify Rapidly Treats Frown Lines 

Sometimes referred to as “Daxi,” this non-invasive aesthetic treatment is currently approved to reduce moderate to severe glabellar lines – most commonly known as Frown Lines or “The 11s” – associated with aging and other environmental factors. Patients begin seeing a positive impact within just 6 hours, with full results surfacing in 2 days. 

Glabellar lines are typically graded on a 0 – 3 scale. 98% of patients who were treated with Daxxify experience at least a 2-grade improvement in their Frown Lines, while 88% experienced even greater results. Long story short: Daxxify works – and it works fast! 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Daxxify? 

Daxxify is an excellent option for patients who are experienced with wrinkle relaxers and are looking for a longer-lasting injection. This treatment is also great for men, athletes and patients who work out often; the formula is specifically designed to retain results – even in the face of high activity and sweat. Daxxify is also a great solution for patients who want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles before they appear. 

Who Isn’t An Ideal Candidate?

Daxxify is known for its signature long-lasting results. For this reason, we do suggest that newcomers test-drive other wrinkle relaxers first. This allows each individual to understand how their anatomy responds to similar materials and to gauge their satisfaction with the results. Botox results being to fade around 3 months, so if a patient doesn’t enjoy their outcomes, that’s how long they’ll have to wait until they being to resolve. In many cases, Daxxify lasts twice as long – if not longer. We want you to be sure you get the results you desire! 

This product is not approved for children or women who are pregnant. Patients with some nerve disorders (like Multiple Sclerosis should also avoid this treatment. 

How Long Does Daxxify Last?


According to data from 2 clinical trials, at least 50% of patients had experienced no or only mild frown lines reappearing 6 months after treatment. A small minority of patients had not returned to baseline severity of wrinkles after the 9-month mark, while 3-5% of patients continued to experience no or mild frown lines. An average of 50% of patients are recommended to retreat the area after 6 months. 

Peptide Exchange Technology™: How Daxxify Is Able To Last Even Longer 

This advanced technology is the powerhouse that drives Daxxify and makes it such a unique treatment. Daxxify employs a proprietary, 35-amino-acid stabilizing excipient with a highly positive charge in an effort to slow the metabolism of the neuromodulator in the body. The results last longer because less of the material is washed away naturally by the lymphatic system. The peptide is classified as “vegan-friendly” meaning no animal products or human serum albumin are used in its creation.

Daxxify Risks & Side Effects 


  • Redness at the injection site
  • Swelling in the injection area 
  • Headache 
  • Facial numbness (paresis)
  • Droopy eyelid (ptosis)
  • Potential immune reaction/allergies to concentrated proteins 

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Stacie, Adrienne and Paige have each been trained to administer Daxxify with precision and the utmost skill. They are ready to answer any questions you may have about this treatment and to schedule your first visit with us. We invite you to reach out to our team! 

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