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Educational Websites Finding a Foothold in Plastic Surgery Practices

May 20, 2010

As plastic surgeons, we constantly strive for more efficient and safer techniques that yield better results. But, we also urge potential patients to educate themselves about procedures they are interested in which means it is up to us, as surgeons, to provide them with access to this information. In a recent press release, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, and the Parker Center were highlighted as examples of the push for improving patient education through informational Websites.

In the release, Dr. Parker says, “When [patients] come in armed with their own research and a list of questions, it ensures that we address everything they are concerned about.” So, like Dr. Parker, we make sure that our Website offers the most accurate information so our patients are well informed before coming for a consultation.  New Jersey plastic surgeon

We use many of the same tools that Dr. Parker uses on his New Jersey plastic surgery Website for The Parker Center. This include video and written testimonials, procedural information and staff background and credentials. All of these tools are instrumental in not only educating potential patients, but also in choosing the right facility and surgeon.

As noted in the press release, there are thousands of pages on plastic surgery so it is imperative that ours offers accurate information and is also welcoming. Patient education is beneficial to everyone and because most potential patients search the Internet first, the Website is where they get their first impression. This is why, like Dr. Parker recently updated his New Jersey breast augmentation pages, we are always reviewing the information on our site and updating when necessary.

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