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How To Prepare For A Chemical Peel

What You Can Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Medspa Treatment

How To Prepare For A Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a popular cosmetic treatment that uses medical-grade solutions to exfoliate and improve the appearance of the skin. Before treatment, patients can take a few steps to prepare and optimize their skin for the best results and a more relaxing experience. We will discuss some of these tips and answer the question: How to prepare for a chemical peel

But first: the good news! There isn’t much you need to worry about before a superficial or medium-depth peel. The majority of that work will be handled by your provider at the time of your appointment.

“That’s the beauty of our peels — you really don’t have to do too much to prep, especially if you’re choosing a superficial peel like the Environ Lactic or TCA peel! You just come in and we prepare the skin ourselves.”

-Nikki Rucinsky, Experienced Medical Aesthetician

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Consult With An Experienced Skin Expert

Before scheduling a chemical peel treatment, patients should always consult with a qualified skincare professional. This person can closely examine the skin, determine the appropriate type of peel for their skin type and concerns, and provide personalized advice on how to prepare for the treatment, along with a customized skincare routine to preserve and amplify results.

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Patients should direct avoid sun exposure for a few days before their chemical peel treatment. Sun exposure can cause skin damage and increase the risk of complications during and after the treatment. If sun exposure is unavoidable, patients should wear protective clothing, such as a hat and long-sleeved shirt, and use broad-spectrum, mineral sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Patients should also avoid picking at their skin. You should avoid a chemical peel if you have open sores in the treated area. 

Start A Vitamin A Serum Regimen

Topical Vitamin A (retinoids) increases cell turnover and speeds up healing while simultaneously strengthening the skin and promoting natural moisturizing. This is ideal for anyone, no matter if they are preparing for a chemical peel or not. Our preferred products include Vita-Peptide C-Quence by Environ and AlphaRet’s Overnight Cream. 

We suggest patients stop their Vitamin A and retinoid regimen 2 – 3 days before a more intense or deeper peel to avoid extra irritation after their session. This is especially important for patients with sensitive skin. 

Cleanse The Skin As Usual — But You Can Skip The Moisturizer 

Patients should clean their skin as they normally would the night before and the morning of their chemical peel. You can choose to apply your moisturizer but it doesn’t improve or deter chemical peel results. Your provider will always deeply cleanse the skin before the treatment so you can use just about anything you would like beforehand. 

Stay Hydrated Before & After Your Treatment 

Proper hydration is crucial for healthy skin, and it can also help patients recover more quickly after their chemical peel treatment. Patients should drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they both can dehydrate the body.

Plan Ahead For Post-Treatment 

Patients should follow the post-treatment instructions provided by their skincare expert. These instructions often include avoiding sun exposure, using gentle skincare products and avoiding strenuous exercise and activities that can cause excessive sweating.

Depending on the depth of the peel, patients may experience temporary redness, swelling and the hallmark peeling of the skin, which can affect their appearance and confidence. Patients should take a step back from social activities, specifically those that involve direct sunlight or alcohol for a few days after the treatment.

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Nikki Rucisnky is a skilled medical aesthetician at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Within our private medspa, she performs specialized facials and chemical peel treatments on a daily basis. When she isn’t working directly with patients, she is actively honing her craft and researching new products that will better the lives of her patients, including The Perfect Derma Peel — a powerful, medium-depth chemical peel that is highly effective at treating more stubborn skin concerns. 

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