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Columbus, Ohio Breast Augmentation vs. Medical Tourism

December 3, 2009

Just this past weekend, an online advertisement encouraged patients from the United States to have elective breast surgery in India. The ad suggests that these operations are offered “at a fraction of world costs with comparable success rates and service levels.” This type of medical tourism has begun to flourish in Asia and South America as well.

Dr. Donaldson has helped to teach plastic surgeons from India, Turkey, Japan, Columbia, Mexico and New Zealand, and he has a great amount of respect for international plastic surgery; however, he does not recommend traveling to a foreign country to save money on breast augmentation. Columbus, Ohio residents are fortunate to have world-class options right at home.

There are many reasons to avoid medical tourism: any savings from surgery are spent on travel; surgeon reputation and patient outcomes may be difficult to determine; language barriers can hinder communication between doctors and patients about goals and expectations; pre-operative testing and post-operative care is abbreviated or eliminated in order to get patients home more quickly.

Dr. Donaldson’s patients enjoy personalized consultations, medical examinations and pre-operative clearance in Columbus, Ohio. Breast augmentation surgery is then followed post-operatively with careful observation and encouragement by Dr. Donaldson and his staff. Any concern that may arise is handled with compassion, immediacy, and great expertise — without the need for boarding a plane!

About The AuthorJeffrey Donaldson, MD Author Bio

Jeffrey Donaldson, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. He has more than 20+ years of experience helping local, national and international patients feel their absolute best through cosmetic surgery procedures. Outside of the operating room, Dr. Donaldson has put an immense emphasis on post-operative care to help patients feel more comfortable and supported throughout the recovery process.