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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Pro-Nox Offers Relief When You Need It

Make Your Treatments More Comfortable with Pro-Nox!

Your comfort is our priority every single time you step into our office. We understand that various surgical and non-surgical procedures require suspending this comfort in favor of achieving beautiful results. That’s why we have recently begun to offer a safe, easy-to-use pain & anxiety relief system called Pro-Nox.

Pro-Nox helps you to relax and feel more prepared when receiving a treatment that helps you look and feel your best!

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox is a nitrous oxide delivery system that provides patients with fast-acting relief during aesthetic treatments. The one-way valve is powered pneumatically, meaning it is controlled by the user’s inhalation. By simply adjusting the depth and frequency of your breath, you have the power to determine the right amount of nitrous oxide you need from moment to moment to maintain consistent comfort. The best part? Pro-Nox is temporary and won’t last any longer than you want it to! You can even drive yourself home after use.

Pro-Nox is available to add on to virtually any in-office procedure, meaning you can choose your treatments with confidence — focus less on the worry, and more on your results!

The Pros of Pro-Nox

  • Safe & immediate pain management
    • Oxygen and nitrous oxide delivery has long been used in pain management. It provides immediate relief for anyone undergoing stress or painful circumstances, meaning you don’t have to wait for it to kick in.
  • Self administered
    • Pro-Nox is the only pain management tool where YOU are in control of the level of medication administered. This puts the patient in control of their own treatment, which is an important part to inspiring confidence. You are free to determine the depth and frequency of inhalation based on your current comfort level.
    • Your provider will be there to observe and provide guidance for how much Pro-Nox is appropriate if you are unsure.
  • Short-term effects
    • One of the major benefits of Pro-Nox is that it wears off quickly. Unlike with other pain medications, you are safe and able to drive yourself home and can continue on with the rest of your daily activities right after your treatment. It also means that if you don’t love the effects, they will quickly fade.
  • Long history on the market
    • Pro-Nox nitrous oxide is a very well-established pain management system in in labor & delivery settings, dental practices, and in a variety of other medical domains. We are excited to offer this tried and true method of comfort.

What is Pro-Nox Like?

If you have used nitrous oxide at the dentist, then you should have some idea on what to expect from Pro-Nox. The main difference (and massive benefit) of Pro-Nox is that YOU are in control of how much of the nitrous oxide is administered. Holding the Pro-Nox applicator hose in-hand, you can choose to inhale more or less frequently based on the level of discomfort you are experiencing at any given time.

Not every person is eligible to use Pro-Nox. Don’t worry, though! We provide a range of methods to help you stay relaxed and worry-free during your treatment. Let our team know if you’re feeling any anticipation and we will recommend a customized solution for you.

How Do I Request Pro-Nox at My Appointment?

In-Office Procedures

Our board-certified plastic surgeons and staff perform minimally-invasive surgical procedures under local anesthesia right here in our procedure room. During your consultation, you may discuss using Pro-Nox during your procedure to maintain optimum comfort the whole way through!

Non-Surgical Treatments

Pro-Nox is also available to add on to many of our non-surgical services. Some of the services you can request Pro-Nox for include:

  • Injectables like Botox, fillers, Kybella,
  • Laser treatments like Halo, BBL, diVa, diVaTyte
  • PRP treatments for Sexual Wellness (like the “O-Shot”) and Hair Restoration
  • Many more

To ensure that the Pro-Nox system is available during your visit, we recommend you request that it at the time of scheduling. If you don’t request to use Pro-Nox in advance, no worries! If it is available, your provider may ask you if you would be interested in adding it to your visit. You can also simply request to use Pro-Nox when you arrive for your appointment!

Why We Use Pro-Nox at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Worrying about pain and discomfort can be a big challenge for patients planning aesthetic procedures. It is normal to anticipate what a treatment will feel like, but the expectation of discomfort can also be a huge barrier for patients to get the treatments they want. We also recognize the major benefit of the way Pro-Nox reduces the need for other types of prescription pain medications.

Pro-Nox provides patients with an unmatched level of comfort, which is exactly how we want our patients to feel when they are in our care. It is our mission to help every patient feel empowered, free from fear, and in control of their treatment plan.

Schedule with Confidence

Pro-Nox can easily be added on to any treatment, allowing you to feel more prepared and ready! Are you ready to try Pro-Nox and schedule with confidence? Plan your next treatment at the office today.

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