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What To Expect At Your Breast Augmentation Consultation Appointment

What to expect from a breast augmentation consultation

From Discovery to Recovery: It All Starts With A Consultation

The initial breast augmentation consultation is a truly collaborative process and a vital stage when it comes to determining if surgery is the right decision for you!

Our breast augmentation specialists will work with you directly to understand your background, solidify your goals, address your concerns and set expectations. Then, they will give you the tools that are necessary to become a savvy, sophisticated consumer who is knowledgeable about the important aspects of this procedure. Our team will explain the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative phases of surgery and answer all of your questions in detail.

breast augmentation virtual consultation

Getting Started: Your Virtual Consultation

After you have reached out to our team through the website or via a phone call, we will work together to determine the best date and time for your initial consultation. Note: All of our initial consultations are now virtual, which helps to maximize your time and schedule flexibility.

How To Prepare For The Virtual Meeting:

  1. Fill out our standard medical intake forms (sent via a welcome email)
  2. Download the MyTouchMD app and create your account
  3. Securely submit a series of photos so our doctors can create an individualized approach for you
Discussing the details of breast augmentation surgery

Discussing The Details & Creating The Plan

Your initial interaction with our team will last about 30 minutes and it will be all about you! You will meet with our virtual concierge, Kelly. She will connect you with a few vital members of our team: you will meet with either Carrie, Stacie Anne or Ally, who specialize in scheduling your procedure and breaking down the costs associated, and with Angie Scala, an experienced Nurse Practioner who specializes in helping patients smoothly navigate the highly-personal breast augmentation process. These two were hand-picked by our surgeons to handle this phase because of their pertinent expertise and rich experience.

Together, they will talk to you about everything you want to discuss surrounding the procedure. They will review your photos and take an in-depth look at the custom plan that Dr. Donaldson has created for you! This is also the time when we show you relevant before and after photos that are based on you, your age, your body type and your unique desired outcomes.

Review Medical History & Health Risks

Before making any decisions, we will review your medical history to confirm your candidacy and to establish a plan for optimizing your medical conditions and overall health status. If you have reached 40 years of age, our team will most likely recommend having a baseline mammogram. Safety is paramount, and Drs. Donaldson and Seiffert often rely on referrals and follow-up appointments with other medical specialists to ensure the best possible outcome.

Receive Cost Estimates & Financing Options

The final part of your initial consultation includes a detailed cost estimate and a discussion of scheduling dates and times. Carrie can help arrange for flexible financing options and payment plans. She will be happy to walk you through the payment steps and make sure you’re fully educated about the financial aspects of surgery, including manufacturer warranties. Remember: Even if you already have the cash ready, you don’t have to put it all down at once if that makes you uncomfortable!

In-person breast implant consultation with Dr. Sieffert

What Happens During The In-Person Consultation

Selecting The Perfect Implant Size and Shape

By this time, you will know that you’re in the best hands for your procedure. Now, we get to shake hands, introduce you to our team and perfect the upcoming process.

When you come into our office, Angie or another trusted member of our clinical staff will help you choose the perfect implant size at your in-person fitting. After considering your natural shape, your goals and your measurements, we will help you try on sample implants using a specialized sizing bra. Once the appropriate “size spectrum” is determined, you get to choose what you like best! You can look in the mirror, try on different outfits, take selfies and gather opinions from friends and family, although many patients prefer to make a private, personal choice.

The friendly staff at Donaldson Plastic Surgery makes sure that patients feel comfortable and appreciated during each appointment. We are incredibly experienced when it comes to breast implants and can give you sound, expert advice. Dr. Donaldson, Dr. Sieffert and their team will also go over the different types of implants available to you and the pros and cons of each. They will let you know what you can expect from your breast surgery, including size, shape and texture.

Once you have finalized your decision, that’s when we get to prepare for your breast augmentation!

Have Additional Questions About The Breast Augmentation Consultation?

We invite you to get in touch with our compassionate team of breast surgery specialists. We are on standby to help you further understand what to expect during this experience. Do you feel comfortable with the process and ready to schedule your first consultation?

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Dr. Michelle Sieffert is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Donaldson Plastic Surgery with a specialization in breast augmentation surgery. Throughout her 10+ years of experience, she has helped hundreds of women feel more confident in their own skin with this life-changing procedure. She is always researching the latest breast surgery techniques in an effort to hone her craft and best educate individuals across the country.

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