Chrissy Now Feels Confident In Any Outfit After Her Surgery With Dr. Sieffert - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Chrissy Now Feels Confident In Any Outfit After Her Surgery With Dr. Sieffert

Hi, I’m Chrissy, and I just recently had a procedure done with Dr. Sieffert. I personally can’t say enough about the whole experience. I have debated doing this procedure for over a decade. After kids, my stomach was just never the same. It appeared with bulges in it and no amount of exercise was taking care of it. One of my girlfriends actually went to Dr. Sieffert, and I saw [my friend’s] before and after (just me seeing her every month), and I couldn’t believe her results. And so, I said, “sign me up,” and I went and saw Dr. Sieffert myself. Just her mannerisms and how comfortable I felt from the moment I walked in the door was amazing. I can’t tell you how different my clothes fit and how different my stomach is. It’s probably better now than when I was 30, and I wish I would have done it sooner. She’s the most amazing doctor. I can’t thank her enough. It has changed my life. I can put any outfit on now and it just fits perfect. The recovery, which I was kind of concerned about, was no issue again, I was so surprised I actually went back to work a week later. She did listen to everything that I had issues with, and she took care of them. She really was amazing, so I can’t say enough about the whole procedure, the process, and I want to thank her.

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