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Functional Wellness Solutions At Donaldson Plastic Surgery


How you feel on a daily basis is dependent on your lifestyle, environment, history, habits and experiences. At The Wellness Center at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we consider every component of your life and your specific goals before creating a sustainable, fully-personalized health plan that will help you feel your best. Together, we use time-tested best practices and modern approaches to overall wellness to reach your fullest potential at this stage in your life! 

Weight Management Plans

No two bodies are exactly the same! Our compassionate team works with you directly to create a sustainable lifestyle and diet plan unique to you and your goals – no matter if you’re trying to lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight. 

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Digestive Health Specialists

Your body’s digestive system has more influence on all aspects of your overall health than you may realize! While maintaining excellent gut health can be a challenge, Dr. Weston will create a plan that helps you leap those hurdles and feel great every day. 

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Longevity & Performance

To be your best, you have to feel your best – no matter where you’re “performing!” We aim to give you that competitive edge by creating a custom health program that combines pragmatic diet, supplement and lifestyle choices in an effort to help you shine in your role. 

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Hormone Therapy Treatments

Age. Genetics. The environment that surrounds us. There is so much that goes into regulating our hormones, and that balancing act subsequently plays a vital role in how we feel. We’re here to understand where you’re at in life and provide therapy options that simply make you feel like yourself again!

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Meet Dr. Marguerite Weston!

Born, raised and educated in Ohio, Dr. Marguerite Weston is a top functional medicine doctor in Columbus with a wealth of experience in family medicine, nutrition, eating disorder evaluation and healthy weight management. She uniquely aims to revolutionize the world of healthcare by bridging the gap between holistic wellness and conventional medicine in a way that best benefits you. Instead of just diagnosing and putting you into a box, she is here to discover the root causes of your discomfort and solve them once and for all!

The Key To Living “Well” – Not Just Living “Long”

Dr. Weston is dedicated to showing our community the undeniable benefits of functional medicine. Education is a crucial component of the process, but it isn’t just about knowing medical terms and interpreting lab results. It’s about knowing yourself, how you respond to stress and why your body reacts in certain ways to different types of foods. As a wellness patient herself, Dr. Weston understands the frustration of not feeling heard by a primary care physician which is why she commits an extensive amount of time to listening, asking questions and collaborating with each patient. 

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Where Wellness Meets Self-Confidence

When people think about plastic surgery, one word tends to show up more often than others: transformation. The physical transformation is often obvious, but there’s so much more to the story. We strive to look deeper within each patient to understand the internal evolution. How did you feel before? How do you feel now? What will make you feel authentic and true to you? 

Many of the incredible patients at Donaldson Plastic Surgery aren’t looking to change themselves, rather highlight their beauty and become the best version of themselves. They want to bring to the surface what is already there – which is exactly the goal of functional medicine! We want to bring out what you already know is inside of you. 

We're Not Here To Just Run Tests - We're Here To Help You Feel Your Best

The quest for greater self-confidence is at the core of everything we do at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. While lipid panels, blood tests and other physical examinations are great tools, we believe in using those results to deliver a series of custom solutions so you can take true control over your personal wellness. We establish clear communication with each patient we serve to understand what’s working and what needs to change to help maximize your comfort and confidence.

Reinvigorate. Reinvent. Remember Who You Are!

We invite you to book your first consultation with Dr. Weston today. Throughout this initial process, she will learn more about you, your lifestyle, your pain points and your goals – a vital step when it comes to creating a system that works for you!

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