The Functional Patient Experience at Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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The Functional Medicine Patient Experience

A better tomorrow begins today. We know you don’t have time for another standardized approach, so we’ve outlined a comprehensive, detailed path to help you feel like you again. From the very start, we are dedicated to getting to know you and your individual needs.

Your wellbeing becomes our top priority from the very moment you reach out.



How To Get In Touch

Begin your journey with a simple conversation — no commitment needed. Simply call 614-442-7610 or fill out our questionnaire. One of our communications specialists will reach out to you within one business day, ready to listen and provide answers.


01. The Discovery Call

Your Initial Assessment

Your discovery call is an initial conversation with a functional medicine expert to begin to understand your concerns and map out your personalized plan. You’ll describe your health journey and goals—the fundamentals to help move you, and your health, forward. There is a $100 investment to schedule your discovery call.

02. The Wellness Exam

Your Health Story

At your next appointment, we dive deeper into your health and formulate the first steps of your plan. You’ll meet your functional provider in-person or virtually for a detailed review of your health history, diet, stressors, and body systems to look at any possible symptoms. You’ll receive initial recommendations for diet, nutrition, supplements, lab work, and lifestyle changes.

03. Personalized Lab Testing

Evidence-Based Strategies

Comprehensive lab testing is included in your plan to measure important biomarkers and monitor your progress. The labs are custom for every patient; your panel may include blood tests, urine analysis, or more advanced functional testing. When results are in, we set up an appointment to decode them with you, identifying patterns, imbalances, and potential root causes.

04. Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Now that we have begun to unravel your health story, we will launch your treatment plan.

  • Nutritional Recommendations: Personalized dietary guidelines based on nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and individual metabolic needs.
  • Supplementation: Targeted use of supplements to address specific deficiencies and support overall health.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Recommendations for sleep, stress management, exercise, and other lifestyle factors to promote well-being.
  • Mind-Body Interventions: Incorporation of practices such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness to address the mind-body connection.

Regular follow-ups are scheduled according to your personalized timeline; however, we are always available to you by phone or appointment – we are committed to walking this journey with you step by step. 

Dr. Weston working with a functional medicine patient

05. Follow-Up and Maintaining Your Results

The majority of Dr. Weston’s patients have been able to uncover the root causes of discomfort and find success. Dr. Weston will create a maintenance plan that will help you feel well into the future. Your health journey is lifelong, and we would love to participate as much as you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer annual plans that include all lab work and appointments. This improves patient outcomes and experience.

Some patients are focused on resolving a single issue (like healthy weight management, hormone balancing, longevity and gut health integrity), but nothing is cookie-cutter about our approach. You may want to focus on several issues at the same time. This is where we stand out from others in our field. As functional medicine patients ourselves, we understand the effort required to create a customized, successful, sustainable plan.

You will learn more about your plan options during your discovery call.

Call us at (614)-442-7610 or leave us a message through our website and one of our trusted team members will reach out to you shortly with more information.  We will answer your questions and find the best time to schedule your discovery call!

Typically, insurance does not cover functional medicine. However, labs will be ordered through Donaldson Health and are included in the cost of treatment which potentially saves patients from spending extra money on unnecessary tests.

Your labs are included with your treatment cost.. We will order them and draw them for you in the comfort of our office. This saves you time and money, and makes sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Medications will be sent to your pharmacy of choice and may or may not be covered by insurance.

We will match your supplements to your custom treatment plan and provide specific recommendations for your regimen. Supplements are not included and are available to purchase through our office.

Are You Ready To Experience A Better Tomorrow?

We invite you to get in touch with Dr. Weston and our functional medicine team today. Our staff is on standby if you have additional questions about our process or pricing!