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Introducing Our Signature Functional Wellness Supplements

Each functional wellness product we offer has been thoroughly audited by both the FDA and additional third parties. Every ingredient has been cared for – by hand – from the raw materials stage to the bottling of the finished product. There’s not a single moment that the supplement escapes the eyes of our manufacturer. This ensures that you get exactly what the label lists, at the exact dose that it states.

Dr. Marguerite Weston has personally vetted the supplier and hand-picked each supplement listed! Looking to purchase your supplements? 

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Vitamins: Fill The Gaps In Your Daily Diet  

  • Gentle Iron: Absorb 4 times as much iron without upsetting your stomach
  • Magnesium Blend: Vital for cognition, good sleep, hormone balancing, bone health & cardiometabolic health
  • Methyl B12: Keep your blood and nerves healthier while reducing the risk of megaloblastic anemia
  • Methyl B Complex: Great for vegetarians and those that take certain medications, like SSRIs
  • Vitamin C: Supports the immune system and collagen production, but also makes caffeine withdrawal a little easier
  • Vitamin D3/K2: Improves calcium flow from blood vessels into bone; contains MCT to help absorption

Nutritional Support: Get The Nutrients You Need To Feel More Energetic 

  • MitoSupport: Formulated with antioxidants to support mitochondrial health and detox functions 
  • Collagen: This isn’t just for great hair and nails; it helps to reduce joint pain and increase mobility
  • Greens: Get the dosage of fruits and vegetables your body needs with this palette-pleasing, FODMAP-friendly blend

Sleep Support: Calm PM Is Here To The Bedtime Rescue! 

This unique blend of valerian root, L-theanine, passionflower, jujube and hops promotes relaxation and helps initiate you into a more restful sleep. It decreases scattered thoughts, minimizes restlessness and even fends off overstimulation. 

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Immune Support: Supply Your Body With Tools Necessary To Defend Itself 

  • NAC: Replenishes glutathione levels in the body, which support detox and protect neurons from oxidative damage
  • Immune Support: A powerful combination of Quercetin, Vitamin C, NAC, Vitamin D and Zinc
  • Seasonal Support: Naturally block off those pesky histamines and feel better as the year evolves

Gut Support: Give Your Body's "2nd Brain" Some Much-Needed Backup

  • Ultra-Biotic: An ideal solution for greater gut immunity and bacteria balance 
  • Women’s Biotic: L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri work together to improve both vaginal and genitourinary health 

The Resveratrol Blend: Our Hormone Balancing & Detoxing Powerhouse

This proprietary product combines turmeric, broccoli seed and resveratrol to recalibrate estrogen metabolites. It also activates a protein called Nrf2, an emerging regulator of cellular resistance to oxidants. This allows us to respond to stress and inflammation more efficiently.

Cardiometabolic Support: Improve Blood Vessel Function & Bolster Overall Heart Health

  • Omega: Sourced from fish from the pristine Chilean shores, this supplement improves glucose regulation, eye health, skin health and cognition 
  • CoQ-10: This coenzyme is found naturally in every cell; it is vital to ATP production, protects DNA from oxidation, increases physical activity tolerance and may help keep sugar in a normal range. 

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The journey to greater comfort and confidence is made a bit easier when you have the right supplements in your arsenal! We invite you to contact us today to purchase your first round or to refill an existing order. Have additional questions about which products are ideal for you and your personal goals? Our team of Functional Wellness experts – with guidance from Dr. Weston – is always here to help. 

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