Our New Location in Dublin

We are proud and excited to welcome you to our beautiful new space located at 92 N. High St. Suite 260, Dublin, OH 43017, in the heart of Historic Dublin. May 27th marks our first day in this new office, where you’ll find us giving our same soft touch, kind smiles and the sense of comfort we are known for, just with a fresh and elevated feel.

This move has been a long time in the making; a magnum opus, as well as a fresh new start for the practice. Like everything we do, our new space was designed with our patients in mind.

Features of Our New Dublin Facility

Patient consultation suites are 50% larger than average so patients can relax with as many as two or three guests, and staff can move about freely. Dr. Donaldson has noticed a trend where more patients are inviting friends and family members to their consultations to discuss services and procedures, observing “it becomes a social, interactive experience that leads to better retention of shared information, more dynamic care-planning and improved overall satisfaction.”

The office location is both private and convenient. It occupies an entire floor with no other tenants, has reserved underground parking with elevator and stair access. It was important to us to create a place that patients could find and navigate easily, and with discretion. Post-surgical patients won’t have to walk very far and spa/skincare patients can pop in and out without fuss.

Unique “touch points” explain the practice to visitors moving through the space. One area in the front entry features Dr. Donaldson: photos and mementos show his background, family and outside interests. Another includes photographs and statements from current patients who wish to “pay forward” by making new patients more comfortable. Staff portraits await at the end of one hallway, while a large inspirational comment surprises guests halfway down another corridor.

The patient lobby is connected to an outdoor balcony that will accommodate practice and community charitable events. The balcony overlooks the walking bridge and the river to the east, designated park space to the south, and the new library and High Street to the west.

Windows and plant life abound — Dr. Donaldson believes this combination enhances wellness for both patients and staff. Every interior room has transom windows to allow in light from exterior windows. The patient lobby and staff break rooms both feature massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Our very own Lead Aesthetician, Tatjana Dzamov, has handpicked potted and hanging plants that will have hypo-allergenic, anti-toxic, air filtering properties.

Multiple temperature zones ensure comfort during a variety of patient activities. The procedure room, laser and Coolsculpting suites are kept cooler to counteract the warmth generated by equipment, while the spa rooms and consultation suites are warm to permit undressing.

Visitors of the practice can take full advantage of Historic Dublin and neighboring Bridge Park, which offers overnight accommodations, food and entertainment options. Foot-traffic and proximity to the new library, numerous restaurants and the walking bridge differentiate this practice facility from others that have chosen more isolated, corporate or hospital-based facilities. Hiking and biking trails surround the area, as well as recreational areas in the nearby parks.

If you would like to make an appointment in our new office, please give our office a call! Our phone number will remain the same: 614-442-7610.

This new office is the culmination of ten years of practice observation, culture development, staff selection and patient focus. Our team has a sophisticated, innovative approach to helping patients, and we now have a space that reflects our unique brand proposition and enhances delivery on our promises. We love what we do every day, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Where to Park

Our new office is conveniently located in the heart of Historic Dublin, above The Avenue Steakhouse. Entry to the complimentary parking garage is located on High St., next to Condado Tacos, on the North side of the complex. Please remember to bring your parking ticket with you for validation. The green plaza lobby elevator will take you to the top floor of the building where our team will be excited to greet you.

If you have any questions about how to find us or what to expect call us at 614-442-7610.

Just this past weekend, an online advertisement encouraged patients from the United States to have elective breast surgery in India — see link. The ad suggests that these operations are offered “at a fraction of world costs with comparable success rates and service levels.” This type of medical tourism has begun to flourish in Asia and South America as well.

Dr. Donaldson has helped to teach plastic surgeons from India, Turkey, Japan, Columbia, Mexico and New Zealand, and he has a great amount of respect for international plastic surgery; however, he does not recommend traveling to a foreign country to save money on breast augmentation. Columbus, Ohio residents are fortunate to have a
world-class option right at home with Jeffrey Donaldson, MD.

There are many reasons to avoid medical tourism: any savings from surgery are spent on travel; surgeon reputation and patient outcomes may be difficult to determine; language barriers can hinder communication between doctors and patients about goals and expectations; pre-operative testing and post-operative care is abbreviated or eliminated in order to get patients home more quickly.

Dr. Donaldson’s patients enjoy personalized consultations, medical examinations and pre-operative clearance in Columbus, Ohio. Breast augmentation surgery is then followed post-operatively with careful observation and encouragement by Dr. Donaldson and his staff. Any concern that may arise is handled with compassion, immediacy, and great expertise —
without the need for boarding a plane!

Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Donaldson Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the addition of our
newest staff member — Bobbie McKinley. Bobbie is a native to the
Columbus area, raising three children here.

“I first met Dr. Donaldson at the surgery center, where I had the
privilege of scrubbing in with him on a regular basis as a surgical
technician. I have worked with many plastic surgeons over the years,
but have never been more impressed by a surgeon’s skills in the O.R.
or by his compassion at the bedside. I was thrilled by the opportunity
to join Dr. Donaldson’s practice. Now I am with him and our patients
in the office, as well as in the operating room, so it gives our
patients real continuity in their care,” Bobbie explains.

Dr. Donaldson says: “Bobbie is absolutely wonderful! Patients who saw
her around the time of surgery used to wish they could see her during
their recovery — now they do! We feel lucky to have her on board,
and patients feel the same.”

Skin care has always been another passion for Bobbie. She previously
worked with Bare Minerals cosmetics and has been hooked ever since.
She loves helping women achieve the best skin possible and seeing
their transformations, especially when combined with other cosmetic
procedures. Her clinical knowledge gives her an understanding of
treatments for fine lines, sunspots and various complexions. Her
favorite product line?… Seraphim.

Dr. Donaldson carries Seraphim exclusively, which is a prescription
strength skin care line that is formulated to give women beautiful
skin with minimal peeling, flaking or redness. Bobbie explains, “I
feel like a walking testimonial to Seraphim skin care products. I wish
I had done my own before and after photos — you’d be convinced too!
People ask me all the time what I’ve done and it’s just this amazing
regimen. We’ve had a lot of word of mouth patients asking for

Whether she is helping you with your skin or answering your questions
about surgery, you will immediately appreciate Bobbie’s addition to
the staff at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, is honored to
be the first solo practice plastic surgeon in central Ohio to receive
Allergan Diamond Level status, which is reserved for the top 1% in
sales of all accounts across the nation. Allergan is the health care
company behind cosmetic surgery products such as BOTOX, Juvéderm,
Latisse, and implants for breast augmentation. Previously in
Columbus, this distinction has only been given to group practices that
combine the productivity of two or more surgeons — very few single
practice surgeons in the country achieve Diamond status.

It’s a testament to the expertise and dedication of Dr. Donaldson and
his staff that they have reached Diamond Level, which is attained by
practices with a strong focus on cosmetic facial and breast surgery.
Dr. Donaldson says about the products used in his practice: “Interest
in plastic surgery has exploded in the last 10 years with the
proliferation of minimally-invasive injections such as BOTOX and
Juvéderm. These products have reached new patient populations and they
help me to achieve excellent results. Similarly, breast implants are
safer and more natural than ever before, and a new generation of
patients are thrilled with their outcomes.”

It is often difficult to identify which surgeons have successful,
high-volume practices, and this is one objective measure. Donaldson
comments: “Having reached this volume of business with the
manufacturer is an achievement to share with my current and
prospective patients. They can now feel even more confident in the
level of expertise that my staff and I provide.”

To commemorate Christy Levy Peters and her battle against brain cancer, we are donating $1 dollar to In Christy’s Shoes for every like on our Donaldson Plastic Surgery Facebook fan page receives.

Likes For Christy | Plastic Surgeon Columbus | Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Likes For Lives
Each October, plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson sponsors the Likes for Lives Campaign — a fundraiser whose proceeds go directly to cancer research within the community. For the third year in a row, Donaldson Plastic Surgery will be raising money during Breast Cancer awareness month. To help out, anyone online can simply “like” the Donaldson Plastic Surgery Facebook page. For each like they receive during the month of October, Dr. Donaldson and his staff will donate $1 to the OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center.

The OhioHealth Cancer Center is a facility located on the campus of Riverside Methodist Hospital where patients can receive a multitude of services aimed at treating cancer, supporting patients and their families, and promoting health and well being. The Center provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to cancer with resources ranging from therapy, imaging, testing, nutrition, wig-shopping, genetic counseling, clinical research and meditation – all under one roof. Learn more at:

Last year, Dr. Donaldson was able to raise almost $1400 for the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. He hopes to have the chance to donate even more to the OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center this year.

Likes for Lives participants don’t even have to spend their own money to donate to the Bing Cancer Center; just click to help out at: https://www.facebook.com/DonaldsonPlasticSurgery.

Bobbie Perry

Donaldson Plastic Surgery is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals on board. Dr. Donaldson’s surgical first assistant, Bobbie Perry, has recently been recognized as one of the fifty most influential graduates from Columbus State Community College. The school is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and in honor of the special occasion, they are recognizing students and former graduates who have excelled in their fields to make a difference within their community. See more here: http://cscc.edu/50/stories/Bobbie-Perry.shtml

Bobbie was a full-time mother for many years until she decided to continue her education with a degree in accounting. She soon realized she loved the medical field more, and she switched to the Surgical Technology program. She worked as a surgical assistant for eight years before wanting to do more. She loved being a part of the surgical team, so she enrolled in classes yet again to become a surgical first assistant. After completing coursework and 150 hours of clinical supervision, Bobbie joined the team at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

Bobbie is now a fixture at Donaldson Plastic Surgery – beloved by patients, co-workers and Dr. Donaldson alike. She has a reputation for being kind, knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and always going above and beyond in her approach to patient care. Come by and visit Bobbie anytime, unless she is helping in the operating room!

– Edited interview with Tami Kamin Meyer.  —  Click for a PDF of the Business First Fast 50 List and full article

Why was this company started?
A: During my training, I studied successful practices in L.A., New York, Miami and Atlanta. I realized that Columbus needed a highly trained plastic surgeon with a sophisticated, patient-focused, boutique practice that makes people feel at ease. We are attentive, approachable and skilled at delivering results that rival any other in the country.

What was the turning point when you realized you were onto something?
A: Three years ago, my patient coordinator came to me exasperated because so many patients had requested surgery that we had run out of file folders. She used her lunch break to visit Staples so we could accommodate more new patients that afternoon.

Have you had to seek financing as you have grown?
A: We have been very fortunate to not need financing. We share space with another private practice, which has kept overhead in check.

What dangers are in growing too quickly?
A: Growth can dilute the brand if it is not carefully planned. The fundamental principles – in our case, safety, attentiveness, empathy, the doctor-patient relationship – must never be abandoned for the sake of growth. We emphasize that bigger is not necessarily better, but better is better. When the emphasis is on quality, not quantity, growth naturally follows.

Did you know any entrepreneurs growing up?
A: As a child and young adult, I counted physicians and business owners among my mentors. I admired the doctoring profession – particularly the surgical skill set – and at the same time I was enamored with the innovation and measurable accomplishments inherent to business ownership. I am lucky to have found both as a plastic surgeon.

What’s your recession lesson?
A: Keep the overhead low. In the short term, it is easier to manage costs than to increase revenue.


Likes for Lives - Check Photo

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson created the annual “Likes for Lives” fundraising campaign in October, 2011, to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. This year, the effort generated $1,048 for the OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center. Donors were able to help by simply ‘liking’ the Donaldson Plastic Surgery Facebook page. For each ‘like’ the page received, one dollar was donated to the cause.

The Bing Cancer Center is located on the OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital campus, and serves vital roles in patient education, treatment and healing. It was designed and built through the lead generosity of plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Bing, with the vision of working with patients, providers, supportive team members, and families. In addition to world-class diagnosis and treatment, the comprehensive facility also offers progressive services like genetic counseling, wig and prosthetic shopping, meditation, art classes, nutrition and a library collection.

Last year, Donaldson Plastic Surgery raised close to $1,400 for the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. This year, Dr. Donaldson easily surpassed his goal of 500 “likes” through the generous participation of his patients, their friends and the community at-large.

New Site Image

Donaldson Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the arrival of its hotly-anticipated web redesign. The changes were released on Thursday, November 21st and have already garnered praise from tech-savvy, sophisticated patients.

The new website provides an optimal viewing experience for current and prospective patients across a wide range of devices, including tablets and smartphones.  New features such as Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Consultation Slideshows include pictures and information that will help prospective patients accurately imagine their private consultation and experience working with Dr. Donaldson and his staff. Other improvements have been made to the Patient Results, Media, Financing, Blog pages and more.

The devoted and ever-growing patient base that has made Dr. Donaldson’s website popular in recent years, now has more content, better graphics and richer interaction to enjoy. Along with dedication to providing the best possible plastic surgery results and patient outcomes, Donaldson Plastic Surgery is also committed to ensuring that its online resources are thorough and easy to navigate. Patients and friends are invited to visit the website for the first time, or all over again!

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson