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What’s the Right Timing for a Mommy Makeover?

November 30, 2015

Best Time for Mommy Makeover - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryPregnancy and childbirth are usually among the most momentous events in any mother’s life—emotionally, but often physically as well. After having a baby, it’s common to want to get back to a former weight and wardrobe; however, the transformation back to normalcy takes patience and time. While many new mothers are eager to achieve a pre-pregnancy body, the timing of a mommy makeover is important.

At Least 6 Months Are Necessary To Recover From Pregnancy & Childbirth 

To optimize the results of plastic surgery, it is important to wait for approximately six months after giving birth. Some surgeons would consider operating after three months, and others recommend a full nine months to give hormones a chance to return to normal levels. Regardless of the exact timeframe, it is prudent to give a new mother’s body a chance to recover from pregnancy and childbirth so that surgical goals may be precisely calculated. Women who are breastfeeding should similarly wait for several months after weaning their babies. This delay allows breasts to stop producing milk and to finalize their “new normal” shape.

Parents should consider whether they plan to have more children. Mothers who anticipate future pregnancy despite having plastic surgery should expect a surgical revision at some point. For durable, long-lasting results, patients are advised to complete childbearing before proceeding with a mommy makeover.

Surgery can be immensely helpful to a young mom’s sense of self and confidence, and it often takes tremendous patience to wait until the circumstances are right.

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Jeffrey Donaldson, MD is one of the nation’s leading experts when it comes to the Mommy Makeover procedure. He has helped countless women reclaim their confidence throughout his 20+ years of experience and he hopes to help more patients make the right decision for themselves at this stage in their lives.