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By Tatjana Dzamov |

Avoid These 5 Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older


Some women wear the same makeup shades they used throughout their teens and 20s, while others are more adventurous and prefer to try out new looks. Among both groups, certain techniques can be combined with the right skin care system to help create a vibrant, youthful glow, while the wrong techniques can add years to a woman’s appearance. Here are the five most common makeup mistakes for women in their 40s and beyond.

1. Using Too Much Foundation

Wearing heavy, thick makeup can emphasize the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores rather than covering these perceived imperfections. To avoid this effect, women should choose a foundation one shade lighter than their skin tone. Add coverage only where needed for color correction and blend well. Those who use powder should apply it strategically rather than all over. Sheer formulas tend to work better for older women rather than long-wearing or matte varieties.

2. Wearing Black Eyeliner

A soft, brown eyeliner is the best choice for older women who want to emphasize their eyes. Avoid lining the lower lashes, since this will emphasize sagging skin in that area. A thin line close to the top lash line is usually the most flattering option. Go for a creamy pencil formula and smudge the line just slightly.

3. Choosing the Wrong Color Blush

While blush adds appealing brightness to the face, a powder formula applied to the apples of the cheeks can highlight sagging skin. Instead, choose a cream blush blended well in thin layers from your cheekbones toward your temples. This creates a healthy flush of color that mimics the look of naturally rosy cheeks. When it comes to color, those with fair skin should go for pinks and peaches, while coral and berry hues are most flattering for darker skin.

4. Applying Dark Shadow All Over Your Lids

A smoky eye can definitely be sexy for an evening look, but don’t apply the dark color all over the lid. Instead, dab the dark shade at the outer corners to widen eyes and avoid drawing attention to wrinkled lids and crow’s feet.


5. Over-doing Lip Liner

At best, lip liner provides a subtle definition to the lips and keeps lipstick in place. Choosing the right shade is critical, though, since a liner that’s too dark looks instantly dated. Opt for lip liner one shade darker than the lip color of choice.

Women who want to freshen their makeup routine or want advice on creating a gorgeous new look can visit Michelle at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. As our lead makeup artist, she’s committed to helping clients feel beautiful and confident. Aesthetic services at our Columbus office include complimentary color match consultations, makeup lessons, and expert application for special occasions.

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