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Nonsurgical Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Dr. Donaldson is pleased to now offer aesthetic services that reflect the same attention to detail and focus on results that patients have come to expect from his surgical techniques. Under the direction of Adrienne, Tatjana and Michelle, we provide a full spectrum of evaluation, treatment and product recommendation to ensure that our patients achieve and maintain beautiful skin. We customize our approach to each patient’s unique features and goals, and we stand behind our results.

Our Aesthetic Processes

Our professionally trained skin care experts will consult with you regarding your specific needs and provide a comprehensive skin analysis. We will make the appropriate recommendations necessary to improve your skin’s appearance. During your consultation, any concerns you may have regarding your skin will be addressed, including dark under-eye circles, puffy eye, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, dry, oily, large pores, blackheads, sensitive skin, sun-damaged skin, skin firmness, and wrinkled and aging skin. Our experts will explain the full spectrum of available solutions, ranging from aesthetic services and skincare products to injectables, laser and BBL, and even surgery if necessary.

Facial Peels

SkinMedica Illuminize Peel

Use the Illuminize Peel to increase skin glow and radiance and to tighten the skin and restore a more youthful appearance. Improves clarity, color and skin texture while achieving enhancement of skin appearance with minimal downtime and discomfort. Appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or patients looking for a gentle, very superficial peel. May be performed on all skin types with little or no visible peeling.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel

Our Vitalize Peel addresses various skin conditions, such as pigmentation abnormalities, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and photodamage. Provides visible improvement after one treatment, with significant results after a series of treatments. Can be customized for the treatment of each specific condition and may be performed on all skin types. Peeling solution combined with Retinoic acid creates more exfoliation than other chemical peels at the same depth. Well tolerated with little to no down time.

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SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel

Rejuvenize Peel is an advanced formulation of peeling agents, with a built-in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer that provides controlled exfoliation of the uppermost damaged layers of the skin to reveal fresher and healthier skin. Effective for use on skin with sun damage, melasma, pigmentary changes and acne scarring. Noticeable improvement with just one peel, this treatment is well tolerated with minimal down time.

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nourishing facial peel

Environ Advanced TCA Peel

Controlled peeling of the surface layers of the skin by a chemical solution allows new healthy skin to heal from below, thus revealing a softer, smoother, clearer skin underneath. This advanced peel is great for congested and problematic skin. It will help to refine the skin’s texture, correct sun damage, and provide a radiant, overall look!

Environ Advanced Lactic Peel

Lactic peel treatments are a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even pigmentation, and treat acne. A lactic peel can also improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. A great option for those with sensitive skin, this milk-derived peel is a good choice for first-time peel users.

Nourishing Pumpkin Peel

The pumpkin peel resurfacing treatment is an intensive way to rejuvenate your skin. This powerful antioxidant pumpkin peel introduces vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, while exfoliating and exposing healthy, radiant skin. This treatment helps to diminish scars, age spots, fine lines and discoloration, and will also penetrate the skin to cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture.


Microneedling is a method of introducing a controlled wound into the skin triggering a release of natural growth factors, new collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker dermis with the appearance of softer wrinkles. Automated microneedling also creates superficial micro-channels, which allow topical serums and creams to be absorbed more effectively into the skin. Most patients are back to work the same day and out to dinner the same evening, and experience little to no down time.

*Package options available*

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Dermaplaning is an innovative approach to removing dead skin cells, allowing a jump start for skin renewal and infusion of nutrients. It is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). To perform the service, your aesthetician will gently stroke the surface of your face with a surgical blade while holding the skin taut. Dermaplaning is excellent as on its own or combined with another facial service.

Derma Plus

This treatment combines a dermaplaning session with a chemical peel to leave the skin instantly looking smooth, radiant and glowing. This combination service is a great way to prep the skin for a deeper and more even peel.

Skin Recharge/Relief

Post-Treatment Recharge

Best scheduled 5 to 7 days after a peel, laser treatment, BBL or microneedling session, this service rids the skin of remaining dead cells while providing the extra hydration your face needs. Post-treatment peeling and flakiness is minimized, and long-term treatment benefits are optimized and maintained.

Redness Relief Treatment

This treatment for those with rosacea, facial redness or inflamed skin uses a gentle exfoliating peel finishing with corrective serums to soothe and calm irritated skin.


Signature Luxe Facial

This luxurious facial dramatically improves the foundation of your skin by adding back vitality and leaving skin looking radiant. The treatment cleanses, conditions, moisturizes, rejuvenates and relaxes the tension of the face, neck and hands. Includes skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions and a thorough massage, including the scalp. This signature treatment provides you with 60 minutes of relaxation.

Luxe Express

Perfect for those who need a quicker option or wish to get a simple refresh. We analyze the skin, deeply cleanse it, exfoliate and give a customized mask so that you leave with a fresh, bright, glowing face. This treatment is finished with high-frequency current to fully detoxify cleansed skin.

Environ Restorative Facial

Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT is the latest breakthrough in skin care treatments, allowing for improved penetration of vitamins into the skin layer. Using a derma roller and customized treatment plan from our master aesthetician, advance your skin treatment outcomes by enhancing the effectiveness of product absorption, restore skin tightness, reduce uneven skin tone and texture, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and scars.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy

A unique experience providing instant results you can see, our Oxygen Facial is a total skin care philosophy based on the concept that skin hydration is critical for vital, healthy looking skin. This treatment immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections. After your skin is cleaned, tonified and exfoliated to remove excess dirt and oils, an airbrush wand emits oxygen (90-95% purity) that helps the skin absorb rich serums infused with hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, antioxidants and collagen. With no high pressure or harsh chemicals, these moisturizing agents are readily absorbed, resulting in smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Back Therapy

A back facial treatment will help to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, while treating any congestion and reveal a brighter and smoother skin. A customized mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep moisturizing treatment.


Waxing Services

We discourage waxing if you have used Glycolic, Retin A or Accutane in the last 6 months, are taking any prescription that may make the skin thin, or have recently been burned during a prior waxing service, as your skin may be too sensitive for waxing. It important to inform your aesthetician prior to any wax services about any of the above challenges.

Waxing Areas Include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Lip and Chin
  • Upper Lip
  • Full Face
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Sides of Face
  • Bikini Area
  • Eyebrow Tinting
  • Eyelash Tinting

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Makeup Services

Color Match–Complimentary

We offer a Color Match Consultation using our Glo Mineral makeup line. One of our talented makeup artists will match your skin tone to find the perfect foundation or pressed powder to even out your complexion.

Makeup Application

Glo Minerals cosmetics deliver unsurpassed coverage and broad spectrum UV protection, and help combat free radical damage. Let our professional staff assist you with an application or schedule an appointment to have your makeup stylist assist you with your special occasion by applying your makeup.

Lessons Available

Whether you want to highlight your natural features or create a totally new look, our expert aestheticians are trained to help you awaken your natural beauty. Learn tips from our experts on how to apply your makeup correctly and learn what look is best for you.

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Eye Define

Using Eyebrow Tinting and Eyelash Tinting, our aesthetician can enhance your look with expert tinting techniques. Come let our master medical aesthetician carefully place semi-permanent dye on your eyelashes or eyebrows (or both!) and walk out with the dramatic visual effect of darker, fuller, longer lashes. Results last four to six weeks and the treatment is completely pain-free.



Enhance the benefits of any treatment by adding on services:

  • Hand Therapy Treatment
  • Oxygen Boost Treatment
  • Lip Repair Treatment
  • Eye Repair Treatment

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