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What Is Functional Medicine?

June 17, 2022

It’s Not Just About Living Longer – But Also Living Better

Functional medicine is a medical discipline that complements conventional care and combines advances in Western medicine with more natural, holistic and bespoke approaches to an individual’s health. The core philosophy of Functional medicine is to identify the root cause of pain or discomfort, design a plan that addresses that cause, execute that plan in an accountability-driven way and improve the patient’s well-being beyond the treatment of symptoms. 

The Difference Between Traditional Medicine & Functional Medicine

What Is Functional Medicine

Put simply, traditional medicine treats outward symptoms, while functional medicine treats underlying causes.

The world of medicine is often described as an iceberg. At the tip (what we see on the surface) is a patient’s symptoms. Traditional medicine will typically take those symptoms, put them in a box, submit a diagnosis and then treat them. Functional medicine looks at everything under the surface, as well – including mood, stress, anxiety, sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Functional medicine also takes into account a patient’s unique life experiences, including how they were raised, what traumas they may have experienced and what types of medications they received as a child. 

Functional Medicine Fills A Widening Gap In The Healthcare Industry  

Conventional medicine is vital. It effectively treats common conditions, addresses emergency situations and helps to prevent some ailments that may appear later down the road. However, it often falls short because it does not uproot some of the main causes of pain, nor does it offer a sustainable lifestyle plan that is customized to the idiosyncrasies of each patient. 

A patient may not have symptoms or the test results that merit an official diagnosis, but the discomfort is still there. Functional medicine goes beyond those thresholds to offer a solution that relieves the pain and optimizes personal performance long into the future.

Top Concerns Of Functional Medicine Patients 

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, there’s no “routine” treatment for individuals looking to feel their best. Instead, certain signals can help us determine which course of action is right for that specific person. The following areas act as entry points for our patients to discover the root cause of their issues and create a custom plan to address them: 

These are just some of the most common “tracks” that our patients follow, but they’re not mutually exclusive to each other. In fact, most of our patients target multiple at once. Example: An individual may want to lose weight but their plan entails improving gut health and balancing hormones. 

Functional Medicine Expert

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Discover The Cause Of Your Discomfort With Dr. Marguerite Weston!

Your pain is valid and you deserve to be heard by an experienced healthcare professional. As a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Weston takes the time to learn more about you – the person – beyond your test results. From there, she and her team of experts will create a sustainable lifestyle plan that is tailored to your past history, current lifestyle and future goals. 

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