What You Can Expect As A Wellness Patient At Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Your journey toward a better tomorrow begins when you choose to take back your comfort and make moves that help you perform at the top of your game, no matter if you’re a new mother, an aspiring athlete or someone simply looking to age gracefully. You deserve to feel your best and we’re here to help you get there! 

We Understand What It Is Like To Not Feel Heard

That’s why Dr. Marguerite Weston and her team of functional wellness specialists dedicate so much time to getting to know you – the person – not just your health chart. Your well-being becomes our top priority the moment you reach out to the Functional Wellness Center at Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

Now, let’s get a closer look at the steps it takes to get you to where you want to be! 

The Initial Consult: Getting To Know You, Your Discomfort & Your Goals 

This 45-minute, virtual conversation is vital to your wellness journey and entails an intensive, one-on-one conversation with Dr. Weston.

This is a time for you to lay out your goals, explain your discomforts in detail, discuss your deep medical history and feel truly heard by a healthcare professional. This consultation gives Dr. Weston the fundamental information necessary to understand your pain, order the correct tests to accurately benchmark your health and begin creating your custom plan. 

*There is a $100 fee associated with your initial consultation, and this cost goes right back into your treatments! 

How to Contact Us:

Any of our team members can go over more information with you, answer your questions, and find a time that works for you to get you scheduled for your virtual consultation!

Call us at (614)-442-7610 or leave us a message through our website and one of our trusted team members will reach out to you shortly with more information!

Get In Touch Today!

The 1st In-Person Meeting: Benchmark Testing & Your Customized Treatment Plan

Before you even shake hands for the first time, Dr. Weston will already have your tests ready to be completed upon your arrival at our Dublin, Ohio office. Together, you will further discuss your pain points and she will deliver the first stages of your wellness plan. This comprehensive strategy will include diet, nutrition, supplement regime and other lifestyle changes that can help you push forward.  

While most of our patients follow specific wellness tracks (like healthy weight management, hormone balancing, longevity and gut health integrity), it is important to remember that nothing about your plan is boilerplate or phoned-in. This is where Dr. Weston stands out from others in the industry. As a functional medicine patient herself, she understands the work that goes into creating a plan that not only works but one that is sustainable long-term. These first tests and continued dialogue are essential to your personal evolution. 

The 1st Follow-Up: Gauging Your Personal Progress & Optimizing Your Plan 

Between your first meeting and your follow-up, you will receive direct communication from Dr. Weston about your lab results. This information will be used to modify your wellness plan and act as the therapeutic evidence to write a prescription (if necessary for your unique circumstances). 

At your follow-up, Dr. Weston will explain your tests in greater detail and, depending on those results, administer new testing. Remember: we’re not here to run a barrage of tests! We just need to properly diagnose your situation so we can create a plan that actually works for you. She will also listen to your concerns about your current program and modify it accordingly.  

The 2nd Follow-Up: When Your Results Start To Become A Reality 

While you may start experiencing positive changes just a few weeks after your first treatment, this is about the time when the results really start to show for most patients! This is the time when you will discuss what has worked for you throughout recent weeks, what positive outcomes you have noticed and what parts of your life still aren’t quite where you would like them. Some patients may even be advised to reduce certain supplements to see if diet, alone, may be enough to get the desired results. 

Dr. Weston will also run follow-up tests to act as quantitative evidence of your progress. 

Your Next Visit & Beyond: Sustainable Maintenance & Uncovering New Ground  

The majority of Dr. Weston’s patients have experienced her unique ability to uncover root causes of discomfort and found success by dedicating themselves to her treatment plans. However, just because your pain is gone doesn’t mean you want to stop progressing! Dr. Weston will create a maintenance plan that will help you feel incredible long into the future, but she will also listen to any new goals that may have shown up throughout your journey. 

The DPS Wellness Community Portal

As a patient, you will be given 24/7 access to our proprietary patient portal. This private, virtual space contains:

  • On-demand courses based on your current goals
  • Engaging live lectures
  • Self-reflection surveys
  • Instructional videos and tutorials 
  • Health-driven challenges
  • Gentle nudges to help keep you accountable
  • Additional communication with Dr. Weston
  • A robust social community where you can get additional support from others with similar goals

Do You Accept Insurance? 

No. As a cosmetic practice, we do not accept insurance. However, labs will be ordered through Donaldson Plastic Surgery and are included in the cost of treatment which potentially saves patients from spending extra money on unnecessary tests.

Can I Use My HSA?

Yes! A health savings account can be used to pay for your treatments. 


Do I Have To Pay Up Front?

No. Patients do not need to pay for their treatments up front. However, there is a cost-savings benefit to paying for the package at one time. Your care coordinator will have additional information regarding how exactly much you can save based on your unique situation. 

As with all services at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we offer convenient financing options. You may also use CareCredit to cover your costs. 

I Had Labs Done Somewhere Else. Can We Use Those?

No, we will still order new, more current and strictly relevant lab tests for you. That said, you can bring your existing labs to your first appointment to help Dr. Weston gain an even greater understanding of your health history. 

Do Lab Tests Cost Extra?

Your labs are included with your treatment cost and we will order them labs for you. We will not provide a lab order for you to take elsewhere. We do this because we’re consolidating expenses and expectations, and we’re saving you frustration and unknown hidden fees. It also means we’ll only order labs that you absolutely need! 

Will My Medications And/Or Supplements Be Included? 

Medications will be sent to your pharmacy of choice and may or may not be covered by insurance. 

We will match your supplements to your custom treatment plan and provide specific recommendations for your regimen. Supplements are not included and are available to purchase through our office.










Are You Ready To Experience A Better Tomorrow?

We invite you to get in touch with Dr. Weston and her team today. Our team of experts is on standby if you have additional questions about our process, pricing or portal!