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How To Strip a Post-Surgical Drain After Abdominoplasty

February 21, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson narrates this instructional video that shows how to clear, or “strip” a clogged Jackson-Pratt drain after tummy tuck surgery.

Video Transcription:

This is a post operative Jackson-Pratt drain that is used to drain fluid away from under the skin after an abdominoplasty. If the drainage tube becomes clogged at any point there is a simple technique for stripping this drain. We prefer to use a moist alcohol swab, although a damp tissue or a damp washcloth would also suffice just to minimize friction.

  • The first hand is placed tightly and firmly on the tube at its insertion point near the skin.
  • The second hand is used with the lubricated tissue to strip away from the first hand in an even technique.
  • The first hand then comes and pinches at the advanced location while the second hand continues to strip away.

Progress is made down the tube to cleanly advance a column of fluid and any obstruction down to the level of the collecting tube itself. This process can be repeated in order to clear the system.