Donaldson Plastic Surgery Now Offers Functional Wellness

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By Dr. Marguerite Weston |

Donaldson Plastic Surgery Now Offers Functional Wellness 

The Innovative Columbus, Ohio Wellness Center Uniquely Brings Together Self-Confidence & Daily Physical Comfort 

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Our patients believe in self-improvement. Each day is the next step in that journey to become the best version of yourself. The next step in our journey is to close a gap that exists within our industry – the divide that once existed between confidence and comfort. 

The Functional Wellness Center at Donaldson Plastic Surgery will open on August 2, 2022. Under the direction of renowned functional medicine specialist Dr. Marguerite Weston, the center will focus on five key areas of expertise: balancing hormones, bolstering gut integrity, improving nutrition, maximizing daily performance and prolonging plastic surgery results.

“Plastic surgery is the pursuit of enhancing appearance and gaining confidence through your outward projection. Functional medicine is about enhancing your wellness from the inside out. In both cases, we are taking a well patient, enhancing their situation and helping them feel more confident – long into the future.” 

-Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson
New Wellness Center Columbus Ohio

Discover The Root Cause Of Your Discomfort With Dr. Weston, MD!

With more than 17 years of experience in sports medicine and family practice, Dr. Weston has spent her entire career uncovering medical mysteries for her patients. You are more than just a diagnosis – or a lack of one! She believes that your discomfort, pain and anxieties are valid. Dr. Weston uses your personal input and diagnostic testing results to finally get the answers you’ve been looking for. 

As a functional medicine patient herself, our in-house wellness doctor believes in the power of both modern medicine and more holistic, natural methods. This combination unlocks a world of therapeutic potential – a reality that results in a customized wellness plan for you and greater comfort each day! 

“Dr. Weston brings the unique ability to bridge traditional medicine and integrative medicine. Not only does she understand the mechanisms of illness, but she’s also an expert when it comes to wellness and searching for solutions that help patients in a more natural and comprehensive way.”

-Dr. Donaldson

You Can Now Book Your One-On-One Consultation With Dr. Weston 

Starting June 29, Dr. Weston will begin to see new patients as they work toward a life of minimal discomfort and maximized potential! The initial consultation will last 45 minutes and is vital when it comes to understanding your goals, hearing your deepest concerns and deciding which course of action to take next! 

What Patients Can Expect Out Of Their Fully Custom Wellness Experience 

  • Necessary testing to pinpoint sources of discomfort and benchmark current performance 
  • Sustainable weight management programs to help patients gain, lose or maintain a healthy weight
  • Systemic Estrogen therapy options to ease symptoms of menopause 
  • BHRT to balance or boost hormones 
  • Testosterone therapy for men looking to perform their best even later in the game
  • Comprehensive Gut Health optimization plans to improve digestive health, reduce bloating and increase energy on a daily basis 
  • Personal performance programs to give individuals the competitive advantage – no matter if they’re in the field, on the court or in the boardroom 

Introducing The DPS Wellness Community Portal 

All wellness patients will gain access to our proprietary community portal. This private, social-driven network acts as a convenient gateway for patients to not only interact with Dr. Weston regularly but to also support each other along their own personal health journeys. Here you will find interactive courses on-demand, health-based challenges, personalized wellness surveys, gentle accountability nudges, live lectures and more. 

You’re not alone! And this app will ensure you get the communal reinforcement you may need to get to where you want to be. 

DPS Functional Wellness

It Is All About You! 

Your goals. How you feel. Where you’re at in life. That is what matters most to Dr. Weston and every member of the Donaldson Plastic Surgery team! The Functional Wellness Center exists to make you feel better and to best prepare for what’s next in your life. 

Dr. Weston gets to know you – the person – not just your health chart! If you have ever felt like a healthcare provider has discounted your discomfort, overlooked your fears or just wasn’t listening, you’ve found the right solution. 

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