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By Claire Hinkle |

Exercise After Botox

Exercise After Botox

Answers To The Common Question: Can I Work Out After Botox? 

Exercise after Botox — among other strenuous activities — should be avoided for at least 6 hours after treatment. Our providers recommend abstaining from intense exercise for 24 hours after Botox injections. This gives the neuromodulator an opportunity to settle into place and the skin gets enough time to heal.

If a patient insists on exercising on the same day as the treatment, we urge them to keep the intensity low. A brisk walk to get the heart rate up or yoga poses can be OK, but the patient should abstain from sweating as much as possible. Following this recommendation for at least a day can prolong cosmetic results.

“The earliest stage after your session is important. If you’re going straight from our office to the gym for a high-intensity workout, there’s potential that you will run through the Botox faster. We want you to get as long as you can out of your treatment!”

– Claire Hinkle, PA-C

What Else Should I Avoid After Botox? (Up To 24 Hours) 

  • Direct sunlight
  • Other forms of heat exposure, including hots, saunas and tanning beds (up to 48 hours after) 
  • Touching the treated area 
  • Exfoliating washes 
  • Facial treatments, including facials, massages, permanent makeup
  • Wearing hats or any coverings that come in direct contact with the treated area
  • Alcohol (24 hours before and after treatment)*

*Alcohol can potentiate any natural bruising that occurs and negatively impact the healing process

Does Exercise Impact The Longevity Of Botox Results?

Yes. While the longevity of Botox varies from person to person, routine sweating can shorten the lifespan of results. Greater circulation to the face that comes with rigorous exercise, along with increased light abrasions (like wiping away sweat) can cause the body to metabolize the material faster. 

Coincidentally, Botox can also be used to treat Hyperhidrosis (or “Excessive Sweating”). By blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweating, the sweat glands’ ability to produce too much sweat is throttled but not completely cut off.

How Long Do Botox Results Typically Last? 

Full Botox results can take up to 2 weeks to take full effect and should last until about the 8 – 10 week mark when you start to see minor movement returning. If movement comes back, this can be related to stress, exercise or your body’s natural metabolism. Your best results are maintained if you consistently retreat with Botox. We advise patients to prebook their next appointment in 12 weeks to ensure they stay on an optimal schedule.  

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About The Author

Claire Hinkle, PA-C, is a renowned aesthetic provider at Donaldson Plastic Surgery who specializes in Botox injections and lip filler. With rich experience in both nonsurgical procedures and post-surgical recovery, she brings a truly holistic approach to the cosmetic treatments she performs each day. Claire strives to help patients safely achieve their desired results — and to hold onto those results even longer. 

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