Staff Photo - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryDonaldson Plastic Surgery announces the launch of a new website that better conveys the essence of the Columbus, Ohio-based practice. With updated design, photos, videos, and layout, patients will find the site more attractive and user-friendly. But beyond the aesthetic changes, the website also tells a much clearer story. As explained by the brand’s new patient-ambassadors in a series of short videos, cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal choice and experience. Dr. Donaldson and his staff hope that these real patient stories will inspire confidence in other women and men to write and pursue their own stories!

The homepage of the new website reiterates Dr. Donaldson’s beliefs about helping women gain more confidence through a video manifesto. This minute-long tribute to the mission and vision of Donaldson Plastic Surgery highlights independence, wellness and natural beauty.

The new layout of the site echoes the manifesto, with header photos that celebrate inner beauty, a fresh and artistic logo, and a streamlined homepage that works efficiently for the viewer. There are no gimmicks or flashy elements to distract potential patients from the candid testimonials and the working knowledge that will help determine whether they resonate with Donaldson Plastic Surgery.

The launch of the new website signals the beginning of a clearer understanding of what cosmetic surgery can mean: confidence, defying expectations of age, and achieving the best version of oneself.

5th Annual Likes for Lives - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryEach October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ohio-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson sponsors a unique campaign to raise money for cancer research and patient care. For the fifth straight year, Donaldson Plastic Surgery, will donate $1 for every new like its Facebook fan page receives between October 1st and October 31st. Appropriately named, the “Likes for Lives” campaign’s annual goal is to gain at least 500 likes—a goal that has been achieved each year prior. The number of new fans by month’s end will determine the total donation amount, which will be given to OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center.

Located on the campus of Riverside Methodist Hospital, OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center is a facility that is dedicated to providing treatment and support for cancer patients and their families. From therapy to imaging, testing and nutrition, the center takes a holistic approach to treating the disease. In addition to numerous patient services, the facility also completes on-site clinical research.

The inspiration for Dr. Donaldson’s unique fundraising campaign comes from his patients and their families. Because breast cancer survivors often have reconstructive surgery, he has treated many women in the past who have been through an unimaginable journey. Dr. Donaldson’s previous practice mission was to help these patients regain self-esteem and sense of wholeness through surgery, and now that his surgical focus has shifted, he is more philanthropically engaged.

Currently in its fifth year, the “Likes for Lives” campaign will fund up to $5,000 for local cancer research – and there is more to be done.  Through social media, the campaign hopes to reach more people locally, as well as outside of Columbus, Ohio. And since cancer affects everyone in some way, there are countless potential new “Likes” that can go a long way.

There is no need to spend any money to participate in Likes for Lives. To show your support for this great cause, simply visit and “Like” the page!

Liposuction Results Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryMany patients ask Dr. Donaldson about the typical recovery period after liposuction and how quickly they can expect to see the results of their surgery. It’s important to understand the typical timeline so you know what to expect from this procedure.

Before surgery, patients are advised to stop smoking, optimize nutrition and health status, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise as usual. These basic steps will speed recovery.

During surgery, Dr. Donaldson uses a “tumescent” liposuction technique that involves injection of IV fluid, lidocaine and epinephrine (adrenaline) into the treatment areas. After waiting several minutes, this mixture provides numbness to the nerves and shrinks the tiny blood vessels surrounding the fat so that the liposuction is less traumatic. This method has proven to dramatically reduce post-operative pain, bruising, swelling, dehydration, and consequently the overall recovery.

After surgery, compression garments are recommended. These are custom-fitted, medical-grade elasticized clothing that are worn next to the skin. They provide support to the skin and underlying tissue to ensure a smooth, contoured result and they also help reduce fluid accumulation and swelling. Patients should wear compression garments as much as possible for the first two to four weeks after surgery.

Lymphatic massages and exercise should be discussed in advance with your surgeon. They may be helpful in reducing fluid and opening lymphatic channels later in recovery, but they can be counter-productive during the initial healing phases.

Dr. Donaldson explains to his patients that liposuction results may be witnessed in three stages:

  1. The day of surgery:   This is the most dramatic stage, when fat is physically removed from the body. Contours are immediately thinner, but swelling and bruising set in quickly and obscure the improvements.
  2. Week #1 through week #6:   The body clears itself of bruising and swelling as it carries away loose oils, damaged fat cells and debris that was left behind from surgery. This comes with a pleasant tightening effect.
  3. Month #1 through month #6:   Scar tissue organizes within the fatty layers that were liposuctioned, which causes further “shrink-wrapping” and tightening around the underlying muscle and bone.

Results are typically final after six months, when patients ultimately enjoy less fat and a contoured shape!


The new website offers an attractive, easy-to-navigate layout that features a brand manifesto video that tells the story of the practice and its patients. It also includes testimonials from three patient ambassadors, whose personal journeys demonstrate the positive effects of cosmetic surgery. Alana. Rebekah, and Alicia candidly speak to the camera about their decision to pursue cosmetic surgery at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. These warm, relatable personalities enhance and expand the impressive compilation of testimonials already available on the site.

“We want our patients to be confident in themselves, just as we are confident in our ability to help them reach their goals,” said Dr. Donaldson. “Our new website tells this story very effectively.”

The Donaldson Plastic Surgery website conveys a vision of restored and/or enhanced confidence through cosmetic surgery. The themes of independence, wellness, and natural beauty seen in the brand video are continued throughout the site, with quotes running onto each page. The coloring and imagery evoke serenity and authenticity, and there is little to distract from the real patient testimonials and educational content. Each page invites the viewer in and encourages them to explore their own potential.

Even though it has a new look online, Donaldson Plastic Surgery still offers the same professional staff that patients trust. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Donaldson has been ranked among America’s best plastic surgeons and most compassionate doctors. Attention to detail has always been a hallmark of the Donaldson Plastic Surgery brand, and that is clearly evident in its refreshed website and related social media.

For more information, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson invites prospective patients to visit his website at or contact his office at 614-442-7610. Patients can also visit Donaldson Plastic Surgery at 4661 Sawmill Road in Columbus, OH 43220.
Donaldson Plastic Surgery is owned and operated by Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson, a board certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH. Dr. Donaldson specializes in cosmetic procedures for the face, breasts and body. Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson has been recognized among Columbus’ “Forty Under 40” and maintains strong charitable ties to the community where he was raised through the DPS Cares fund. The ultimate goal for his practice is to make patients look and feel better.

Top Ten Percent LogoDr. Donaldson has been nominated by one of his patient’s for possible inclusion into the Top Ten Percent.

The Top Ten Percent is a collective of consumer-nominated businesses in the Columbus, OH area that have been selected as being in the top 10% of their industry.  To reward these businesses for their exceptional work, Top Ten Percent has developed this recognition program.

The next steps include an assessment interview by a selection committee representative in order to complete the evaluation and determine whether Dr. Donaldson will be honored as a Top Ten Percent Award Winner.

Performing a breast lift, or mastopexy, at the same timeBreast Lift With Augmentation - Donaldson Plastic Surgery as breast augmentation is often as safe as performing the two procedures separately. Many women prefer to combine the procedures to avoid going under anesthesia twice, to have a single recovery, and to save on cost.

A report published in “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” highlights research about the risks and final results of simultaneous procedures. According to the study, the re-operation risk is about 10% for single procedures versus 13% for combined operations. This three percent difference is not statistically significant.

Breast lifting with implants, or augmentation-mastopexy, is a challenging surgical combination that entails changes in nipple position, breast tissue shape, skin tightness and breast size. Some plastic surgeons prefer to make these changes in two separate operations; however, Dr. Donaldson believes that it is worth accepting the increased complexity to deliver further benefit to the patient. Performing the procedures separately makes it likely that the patient will be dissatisfied with the interim results until the second procedure is finally completed.

Dr. Donaldson emphasizes preoperative consultation to fully evaluate risks and to set realistic expectations. The concurrent procedure is most successful when patients are carefully selected and informed. At the end of this process, a patient can feel confident about proceeding with a breast lift and augmentation at the same time.

There are patients who have purposefully engagedRepair Stretched Earlobe Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery in ear stretching with wide gauges, and those whose heavy earrings created stretch over time by accident. Whether the earlobes were intentionally stretched or not, there are times and circumstances when stretched earlobes are no longer desired. There may be professional or personal reasons for seeking correction, and Dr. Donaldson can help you look natural once again.

The stretching process is usually gradual, and there is a point when your earlobes will not naturally retract. This point is different for everyone, and anyone who stretched quickly and skipped gauge sizes or had pulling or trauma to earrings will likely have damaged their earlobes even more significantly.

To repair stretched earlobes, Dr. Donaldson performs a simple in-office procedure under local anesthesia, which typically lasts under an hour. The procedure involves removing the stretched area of skin and then stitching the earlobe back together to create the natural contour of the ear. After several days, Dr. Donaldson will remove dressings from the earlobes, and healing is usually complete after several weeks.