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How To Wear An Abdominal Binder After A Tummy Tuck

February 21, 2014

Stacie Isler, our plastic surgery PA, demonstrates how to place an abdominal binder after tummy tuck in this instructional video.

How To Place an Abdominal Binder After Tummy Tuck Surgery:

  • This is a post-abdominoplasty binder. The inside has no seam, while the outside has a seam and has velcro.
  • The objective when applying the abdominal binder is to achieve compression around the surgical site. It should be more snug when possible. The binder should be smooth without any folds.
  • We demonstrate the two-person technique in this video. Sometimes it’s advantageous and more compression can be applied when there is an assistant.
  • The binder should be comfortable and should be over the operated area, it should not be impinging on the lower breasts and it should not be impinging on the hips.