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By Nikki Rucinsky |

What To Do Before CoolSculpting 

What To Do Before CoolSculpting 

A Closer Look At How To Prepare For Your CoolSculpting Appointment 

You’ve mapped out your goals. You’ve done the initial consultation. Now, you’re just a few days away from your first treatment and you find yourself wondering: What to do before CoolSculpting? As an experienced and certified CoolSculpting provider in Columbus, Ohio, I’m here to help you understand what you should – and should not do – in the days, hours and minutes leading up to your first visit! 

Stay Hydrated Before (& After) Your Treatment

Water Before CoolSculpting

Water plays a critical role in flushing the dead fat cells out of the body through the lymphatic system. To help aid in this critical process, I suggest that patients drink about 8 cups of water the day before their appointment and then at least 10 cups (100 ounces) throughout the entire day of their treatment and for a full week after.

You should increase that intake by 16 ounces or more if you intend to exercise in the days after your treatment.

Wear Some Messy & Comfortable Clothes During Your Procedure 

Before attaching the applicators and the work begins, I apply a specially designed gel pad that acts as a protective barrier to prevent frostbite and damage to the skin. This gel can get a bit sloppy because it is better to have a little too much than not enough. Some patients insist on wearing their yoga pants or gym shorts during treatment because they are comfortable for them, but the gel can make its way to the material and create a mess.

We offer throwaway garments to be used during the treatment. However, if your local CoolSculpting provider does not have these on hand, we suggest bringing a pair of loose-fitting clothes that can afford to get a little messy – along with a bag to keep them in post-procedure. 

Keep Stretchy Clothes On Standby For After Your Treatment 

What To Wear After CoolSculpting

You’re likely to feel a little uncomfortable in the areas that we treat. This is completely normal! After all, we did just freeze upwards of 25% of the fat cells in a specific region of the body. Patients often report feeling sore, numb and a bit cold after their visit. This is when your that fashionable lifestyle outfit comes through in the clutch!

Not only will you feel more comfortable passively, but you’ll also be able to massage the treated areas more effectively for the next few hours. 

Bring Something To Do During The Down Time 

One cycle typically takes between 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area you wish to treat. If you’re looking to target both your abdomen and your flanks in the same visit, you could be in the chair for over an hour and a half! We have a flatscreen TV (equipped with Netflix) in our CoolSculpting room to help pass the time.

We also advise patients to make sure their phone is fully charged and, if they’d like, to bring their work laptop, as long as they can reach the keys without having to lean forward too much. Some patients have even taken a nap once that signature freezing feeling goes away. 

Establish Your Wellness & Exercise Plan For The Path Ahead 

Dr. Weston Creating A Wellness Plan With Columbus Ohio Patient

CoolSculpting is an effective, non-invasive body contouring treatment. It really does do some incredible things! But it cannot be the only thing a patient does if they’re looking for maximized results. It also takes upwards of 6 months for full results to show through.

We suggest building a comprehensive wellness plan leading up to your first visit – one that includes a sustainable exercise regimen, adequate water consumption, a high-protein diet and mindfulness. 

Struggling to establish an effective strategy on your own? Donaldson Plastic Surgery’s functional medicine expert Dr. Marguerite Weston specializes in creating custom wellness plans that maximize performance, energy, longevity and results

You Can Eat Before Your CoolSculpting Appointment

Consuming a light meal before your treatment is completely fine. It’s best to avoid eating too much before we begin to ensure maximum comfort. You don’t want to be starving or stuffed while the applicators do their work! 

Optional: Take Some Before Pictures

Progress is an amazing motivator! At our practice, we ask patients if they’d like for us to take before photos from about 7 different angles to get the full picture. Documenting your journey not only helps to keep you going but it can also inspire those around you to reach their personal goals, too. 

What Not To Do Before CoolSculpting 

  • Do not take aspirin, NSAIDs or any other blood-thinning medication (Ibuprofen can be used after) 
  • Do not drink alcohol 
  • Do not go tanning or get a spray tan
  • Do not take a diuretic
  • Avoid unnecessary caffeine 
  • If you are experiencing sunburn, scratches, swelling, rashes, blisters or any other skin damage in the target area(s), please reschedule your visit! 

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Nikki Rucinsky is a leading Medical Aesthetician at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. As the practice’s foremost CoolSculpting and CoolTone expert, she has completed hundreds of successful cycles and helped an array of satisfied patients reach their personal goals. She continues to expand her knowledge regarding body contouring technology and shares her insights with the aesthetics community. 

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