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Tummy Tuck Patient Tells Her Own Story, Would Recommend Dr. Donaldson to Anyone



Alright, so for any of you ladies who might ever be on the fence about having a tummy tuck, I can tell you my own story. I have always been very active, have had a very active lifestyle, and since I had my last son, I could not get back to optimal physical shape that I was in previously. I couldn’t lift as heavy since I had a diastasis recti from having my last child, and I struggled with this problem for a few years and I, too, was on the fence about surgery. But then I finally said, you know, let me give this a shot and see if this is something for me. And what I can say is I will absolutely recommend anyone who went through the same thing that I did to have this surgery. I was very careful with who I felt I wanted to perform the surgery on me, and after much research and just asking and looking at previous testimonials of patients, I went ahead with Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Coming into the office, after that one visit, I knew that this was going to be the best fit for me. Bedside manner amazing. Following up with the staff was also amazing. I knew that I had made the right decision, and now I am just about seven months after having my surgery and I absolutely love the results that I have. I am able to now ramp back up my physical activity without any pain. Just feeling confident in the way my my my tummy looks. You know, after having two wonderful kids and just being able to sort of get my life together from physical activity perspective, I am absolutely thrilled with just completing the surgery, and happy to say that I would recommend Donaldson Plastic Surgery for anyone who was, you know, thinking about doing this tummy tuck surgery as well.

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