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Highly recommended! Columbus, OH Breast Augmentation

I had breast augmentation, silicone implants. I went through the nipple and will say that I highly recommend it. My healing was much easier, I already had pain underneath, so to have no incision there helped me tremendously. It looks fantastic, there are no sensation issues, and I highly recommend it. Dr. Donaldson and his team also recommended it. I have to say that Dr. Donaldson’s team is fantastic. I was very pleased.

I looked all over, including lots of reviews on websites, and that’s what led me here. I had a few doctor’s appointments set up with other physicians, and then realized that I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I enjoyed him, I enjoyed Bobby, his nurse. The day of the surgery was very good, they were putting me at ease at all times. And then healing, it is a process, but it’s nothing that you can’t take. It was well worth it. I’m about six or seven weeks out, and Dr. Donaldson assures me I look fantastic, and I will say that buying bathing suits is much more fun now! So if you’re thinking about it, check all your options – I highly recommend it – go with Dr. Donaldson.