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Gynecomastia Treatment: Columbus, OH Competitive Athlete

I had gynecomastia surgery and I did a lot of research on Dr. Donaldson and various surgeons across the country. A lot of them focus on women, and not a lot of them really have a lot of information about men and the aspects that we go through. I’m a competitive athlete and I spend a lot of time in the gym, a lot of focus with other people, and a lot of people have the same issues as I do, but are kind of nervous and don’t really know which way to go with it or if they should. A lot of people since I’ve gotten it done have requested ways of getting information to having the same thing done. A lot of men don’t realize that we have the same issues with the way we look and the way we feel about ourselves. That’s why we go to the gym and do these things. But a lot men don’t really focus on cosmetic surgery. I was referred to a general surgeon originally and I didn’t like the way that they interacted with me. Dr. Donaldson is very professional, easy going, just an all around great surgeon and very hands-on. He let me get the points across that I was concerned about. Everyone has a little concern when they’re going into surgery. I was very impressed and my family came in and they were impressed with his overall demeanor. I would definitely recommend him to anybody. The staff is wonderful. It’s a very laid-back environment. I feel very comfortable here. I’m back in the gym. It’s been 4 weeks and I have almost no scars, even though I’m laxing on putting the scar cream on. I’m full fledged back in the gym and I feel great. I was back to work in 2 days. I couldn’t ask for more!


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