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Breast Augmentation Revision Success Stories

So from start to finish, the journey has been absolutely amazing. Everybody answered any question I had. Any concern  I had, they took care of for me. I felt comfortable with every staff member that I worked with.

So I breastfed both my children for two years with both kids. And they just, like, the level of elasticity was zero. Everything was gone, like everything disappeared.

And so I did a lot of Google searching about who the best breast surgeons would be, plastic surgeons were in the area, and you guys just kept popping up. But the thing that made me choose you was actually because you don’t use any before and after pictures as marketing. I think that speaks volumes about who you actually are as surgeons. because you have such confidence in what you do that you do not need to promote it through pictures.

And in all the other sites and plastic surgeons I found, I also never found anybody that had breasts like mine. Everybody’s- it’s like they chose the perfect pictures of who had a pretty good boob before. So then they had an even better boob after they had no like, “dire” situations. So to get what I had to what I have now, I feel like an average surgeon would have never been able to do that.

And the results have been absolutely incredible. Life changing. Like, completely life changing.

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