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Breast Augmentation and Blepharoplasty Patient Happy with Results

I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting a breast augmentation, and I haven’t been comfortable with the way I look in my clothes, especially after I had children. They seemed to even get more so. I started checking around on different surgeons and I liked what I saw in Dr. Donaldson’s office, so I came in for consultation. The staff was really great, especially Bobby, and they walked me through the different sizes. I didn’t want too much, but I wanted a little. I had the surgery – it was easy for me, it was quick, painless. The recovery time was minimal. I was back at work in a few days. I had a little bit of discomfort, didn’t need any pain medication. The bruising was minimal, and I love my breasts. Before that, I was also uncomfortable, I’m getting older, with my eyelids. They’re starting to droop so that was something that was really bothering me. So I also had a consultation with Dr. Donaldson and said go ahead with the surgery. It was very minimal for me, the recovery time. I had some bruising, but the results are great My eyes look great. I’m very happy. I recommend it to all my friends and anyone else who sees this video.

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