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Body Contouring Patient Highly Recommends Dr. Donaldson

“My name is Julie, I’ll be 60 years old Sunday, April 24th. I had gastric bypass about a year ago and lost 104 lbs. I suffered with loose skin on my belly and my arms, it just hung. I checked around, went to a lot surgeons in the Ohio area, went with Dr. Donaldson who I absolutely love and he’s also very cute! A week ago I had my arms done, I’m almost completely healed. I am able to get my own coffee, put my arms above my head. I had all the skin removed off my stomach clear around to my back. The pain has been minimal, just like I said I’m getting along great. I want to tell all you girls do it because you’re yourself, have confidence in yourself and love yourself. If you have that loose skin and it bothers you, get it taken off, it’s a piece of cake! Go to Dr. Donaldson, I highly recommend him.”

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