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An Incredibly Happy Breast Reduction Patient Says “This Place is Legit”


Alright, as you all know that some women are born with a little more breast than others, and so for as long as I have remembered, I have wanted a breast reduction. And so I was really nervous because I thought “is this vain?”, “how will this turn out?”, “will I mess my body up?”, and it’s a surgery, so I really looked at a lot of reviews around, you know, doctors around in my community. I stumbled across Dr. Donaldson, talked to some people who actually had surgery with him, and decided to do that first step and have a consultation. Immediately as soon as I call the office, I just felt great about it. They were so kind. They answered all of my questions. Were really patient, and I came in during this COVID-19 times. So things were a little bit different. I had a mask on, but Dr. Donaldson was amazing. He sat down with me, explained all my options. What I really appreciated is that when I was looking through his website, I didn’t see a whole bunch of naked bodies and what kind of work he could do. He looked at my body. He took pictures and he said this is realistic for you. And so I went in knowing kind of what was good for me and what my result would probably end end up like. So I scheduled. I have been so incredibly happy with my results and just even the bedside manner. All the follow up appointments. I don’t feel like it was a one and done feel very connected. The continuum of care has been great. So ladies, I know there are a lot of options around, but this place is legit. So is Dr. Donaldson and his team. They really care, they’re passionate, and so for that reason I would recommend. You really feel like part of the family. Thank you.

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