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After Surgery, Happy Patient Would Go Back and Tell Herself “Do it Sooner!”

So I decided to have the surgery almost a year ago. I came in for my consult and everybody was just so warm and welcoming and reassuring. I went ahead and scheduled that day and the whole process leading up to surgery was great. Everybody communicated super well, and the day of my procedure I was super nervous. And, again, Bobbie & Dr. Donaldson, just so great, so reassuring. After the procedure, I was able to get in contact with them pretty much 24/7, which was so great — it felt really amazing because I’ve never been able to access my health care providers like that before, and that meant a lot to me during recovery. I’ve got six weeks out now, and I feel amazing. I love looking in the mirror. I feel so much more comfortable physically and mentally. I feel like I look the best that I have since I was in college, which is awesome. After having a kid. I’m so happy that I did this really, truly. My only regret was I didn’t do it sooner. I’m so excited that I have it done now and, I just wish I could go back and tell myself “nothing to be worried about, you’re going to be 100% satisfied. Do it!”

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