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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Dr. Donaldson Speaks With NBC 4 Columbus About Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson of Donaldson Plastic Surgery recently appeared on NBC 4 Columbus to discuss medical credentials and how to choose the right plastic surgeon. He educated prospective patients on how to avoid disappointment and limit health risks when looking into different surgeons and practices.

Dr. Donaldson was accompanied on television by his patient, Rebekah Adkins. Rebekah started her quest for tummy tuck surgery with a different surgeon over a year ago in order to get rid of excess skin and fat. Two weeks after her operation, the incision split open and pink areas began to turn black. She had to seek regular medical attention to remove dead flesh and clean the open wound.

Six months and several thousand dollars later, she was finally healed, and she wished she had taken a different approach. When first meeting with Dr. Donaldson, Rebekah admitted that she hadn’t done enough research when she chose the first surgeon.

“As cosmetic medicine becomes more crowded with non-board-certified, non-plastic surgeons, this type of disappointment is becoming more common,” says Dr. Donaldson. “I’ve seen an increase in the number of patients just like Rebekah. I would say at least five percent of my practice is now devoted to helping patients with ‘plastic surgery gone wrong.“

Dr. Donaldson had to start from scratch with Rebekah, account for the extensive scar, and completely revise her original procedure. With the cost of the initial surgery, medical attention from the post-surgical infection, and a complex secondary surgical plan to achieve her aesthetic goals, Rebekah spent more money than she originally intended. While she recognizes that surgical complications and poor outcomes are always possible, she wishes she found someone like Dr. Donaldson with the right credentials and experience when she first started.

Plastic surgeons throughout the nation have been coming together on this issue for the past few years. In 2011, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons began a public service announcement campaign entitled, “Is Your Doctor Board-Certified?” The American Board of Medical Specialties has also launched their website to help more prospective patients make informed decisions.

Dr. Donaldson, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Columbus and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, shared his advice with NBC 4 Columbus viewers on what he feels ensures the quality of results and quality of care. He advises prospective patients to find a surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, has an excellent community reputation, positive patient testimonials, attractive before and after photos, and other references of their work such as peer reviews and regional and national awards for excellence in the field. He also listed red flags, such as no hospital affiliations, lack of board certification, absence of professional society memberships, unwillingness to share before and after photos or patient references, that would immediately alert prospective patients that the doctor may be the wrong choice.

Women and men interested in plastic surgery are invited to visit the Donaldson Plastic Surgery website or contact Dr. Donaldson’s office at (614) 442-7610 for a personal consultation. The practice is located at 4661 Sawmill Rd., Columbus, OH, 43220.

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Donaldson Plastic Surgery is a boutique plastic surgery practice offering sophisticated surgical and nonsurgical procedures to patients in the greater Columbus, Ohio area and beyond. Both the staff and the practice have received numerous awards and distinctions from the medical community and rave reviews by their patients.

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Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson is a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He specializes in cosmetic procedures for the face, breasts, and body. He combines world-class training with uncompromising attention to detail and a warm, genuine bedside manner.


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