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March, 2011

March 1, 2011

Summer is around the corner!  And it’s time to think about looking great in shorts and bathing suits.  Liposuction and breast augmentation can help you bloom in the warm weather!  Both procedures offer natural-looking results and little downtime under the trained aesthetic eye of Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson.

How to Get the Size & Shape You Want from Your Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation columbus ohDr. Donaldson offers you tips and ideas to get the best results from your breast augmentation surgery.  After choosing the right board certified plastic surgeon, you can move on to selecting size and shape. These can be a difficult decisions, and Dr. Donaldson has a proven methodology to make sure breast augmentation patients are happy with natural-looking results.

#1 Open Communication.  It’s that easy.  During consultation Dr. Donaldson will openly address any questions you may have and will go out of his way to ensure you understand each step of the pre- and post-operative procedure. You will be encouraged to discuss your goals and expectations of breast augmentation surgery to get a realistic sense of your unique surgical result. Women who are able to discuss their concerns and reservations during consultation tend to be much more confident and knowledgeable heading into surgery, and happier afterward as well.

#2  Tester Implants.  Dr. Donaldson offers a full array of sample breast implants for you to “test drive”  during your visit.  Implants can also be simulated before or after consultation by using simple home materials such as bags filled with rice.  You can place them in your bra and exchange them for different cup sizes to better visualize your new figure and determine how your clothes will fit and feel.

#3  Experience.  During your initial sizing consultation, Dr. Donaldson will offer several options based on your measurements, physique and aspirations.  You might not necessarily choose your implant size during the first consultation, but you will be given enough information and professional guidance to begin narrowing the choices.  You will have an opportunity to hold and feel actual breast implants, and Dr. Donaldson will share “before and after” photos that represent his work.

It is important to have a thorough consultation in order to know your options, answer your questions, set your expectations and ensure beautiful surgical results!

Liposuction Can Help You Have Your Body Ready for Warm Weather

columbus oh liposuctionWe are well into 2011, and hopefully your New Year’s Resolutions are coming to fruition! Many of us committed to losing weight this year and we are attempting to spend more time in the gym and less time in the kitchen. As a tantalizing reward, warm weather is just around the corner and it will soon be time to show off your beach-ready body!

If the idea of sporting a bikini sounds more traumatizing than tantalizing, it may be time to give your diet and exercise regimen a little boost. Liposuction is a popular elective cosmetic surgery that complements healthy nutrition and active lifestyles. Many men and women are frustrated by those last few pounds that they can’t seem to shed — that last little bulge that won’t flatten no matter what. You can give nature a helping hand with minimally invasive liposuction surgery to achieve a tighter tummy or more slender thighs.

The incisions used for liposuction surgery are very small and easily hidden. It is common to have mild swelling and bruising for up to a week, but surgery now would have you ready in time for better weather!

Contact Dr. Donaldson and his team of friendly professionals to arrange for your consultation today.  Everyone will be amazed at how well you achieved your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions!

Smooth Your Lines & Wrinkles Without Pain from an Injection

columbus oh anti agingAcross the nation and around the world, men and women continue to seek products and procedures that can help turn back the aging hands of time. Getting older is inevitable, but looking older can be slowed or even prevented. Some of the easiest, most efficient and affordable anti-aging remedies are injectable medications and fillers that directly treat wrinkles and folds. The most popular fillers, Juvéderm and Restylane, can erase fine lines, plump out deeper crevices and even prevent skin from losing further natural elasticity.

Dr. Donaldson and his dedicated staff are now pleased to offer Juvéderm XC. This is a relatively new and technologically-advanced form of the popular dermal injectable that also contains numbing medication. With the addition of lidocaine to the filler, patients feel virtually no pain as their crow’s feet and smile lines fade away.

Juvéderm XC has allowed many new patients to enjoy the benefits of injectable fillers without the discomfort of techniques that were used in the past. The effects usually last for at least a year, and they can be repeated as often as necessary.  Once the effects wear off, there is no worsening or “rebound effect” — you simply return to the same appearance you had before the procedure.

Contact Dr. Donaldson and his clinic today to arrange your appointment for Juvéderm XC. You will benefit from the long-lasting anti-aging effects without fear of pain. Even patients who are afraid of needles can now experience a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson