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By Adrienne Yanich, RN |

Lessons Learned Along The Way

What Our Providers Wish They Had Known Before Joining Donaldson

Lessons Learned Along The Way

Education is a critical component of the patient experience. It is also vital for the growth of our practice and the ability to more effectively serve our patients. Our practitioners are constantly refining their techniques and accumulating on-the-job knowledge from each other, seeking to blend the principles of functional medicine with the advancements in aesthetic medicine.

We wanted to take a minute to share some of those lessons with you as you continue to find new ways to improve your confidence and overall health.

The Power Of Incremental Change

Adrienne Yanich, RN — Aesthetic Nurse

I wish I knew that aesthetic treatments didn’t have to be all or nothing — small tweaks can be just as impactful as significant surgery. It may be easier than you think to get the facial optimization and refreshed look you want. 



Confidence Is Contagious!

Stacie Isler, PA-C — Patient Care Director, PA-C

Your confidence can and will inspire others around you to do great things. Your positivity can bring out the positivity in others, even if they’re not at their best that day. We always try to be the highlight of our patients’ days and, so often, they’re the highlight of ours. 



Find The Right Combination Early

Paige Brudzinski, RN — Aesthetic Provider 

A blend of preventative laser treatments and neurotoxin, combined with a good skincare routine, is the secret to aging gracefully. My skin has changed drastically since starting at Donaldson and I only wish I would have started sooner.


“Medical-Grade” Makes A Difference

Claire Hinkle, PA-C — Aesthetic Provider 

Spend money on products that actually work! “Medical-grade skin care” is backed by science, regulated by the FDA and contains higher concentrations of active ingredients. Over-the-counter products aren’t as regulated and often don’t have the percentage of ingredients to be effective.


I Can Do My Best Work Here

Tatjana Dzamov, LE — Senior Medical Aesthetician

In my 26 years as an Aesthetician, I have been exposed to many different aspects of the industry — from spa to dermatology and plastic surgery. All along the way, I knew I wanted to be in plastic surgery because of the many different treatments and surgeries that are available for corrective, preventative and enhancement purposes. In my aspect of the job, I knew that I could offer so much more than if I was in a spa setting.


Plastic Surgery Enhances, It Doesn’t Replace

Nikki Rucinsky, LE — Medical Aesthetician 

Plastic surgery can be done to enhance what you already have, not change how you look completely. You can maintain your look and favorite features while also resolving concerns that may have held you back before.



We Shouldn’t Settle For Feeling Average

Andie Schroeder — Skin Care & Makeup Specialist

Feeling unwell has become too normalized! That isn’t something that’s normal or that we should accept from our healthcare providers. There are lab tests that can get to the root cause and real options to fix the problem. Our baseline should be happy and healthy, not just surviving.


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Many of these lessons wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative and education-driven environment at Donaldson. Our providers continue to expand their knowledge through experiences with patients, collaboration with each other and their own independent learning. We invite you to get in touch with us today in hopes that we can share this knowledge with you — or you can help us learn something new!

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