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By Stacie Isler, PA-C |

Mole Removal By A Plastic Surgery Practice 

Your Choice For Treatment Can Make An Aesthetic Difference 

Mole Removal By A Plastic Surgery Practice 

While most often harmless, moles can be a source of concern for individuals who prioritize both their health and appearance, seeking not only assurance but aesthetic enhancement. Spotting a noncancerous mole may prompt patients to explore professional removal options, especially if they are located in highly visible areas like the face, neck, back and chest. 

Choosing a plastic surgery and aesthetics practice for mole removal offers several advantages due to the emphasis they place on achieving an excellent aesthetic result. To help you make the best-informed decision for your treatment, allow us to showcase the benefits of choosing a plastic surgery practice for your mole removal.  


Patient with no scars after mole removalMinimized Scarring & Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Plastic surgery practices specialize in achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes. We employ advanced techniques to minimize the potential of scarring, ensuring that the removal site heals with minimal visible impact. This focus on aesthetics is crucial, especially when moles are located in prominent areas like the face, neck or hands. In certain mole removal cases, scarring may be impossible to avoid — in this situation, your provider will explain the limitations and mitigate the appearance of the scar as much as possible.

Mole scars are usually only a few millimeters, and can easily be improved with a noninvasive treatment like microneedling or Morpheus8, or covered up with makeup. 

A Customized Approach To Your Skin

Unlike generic mole removal methods, plastic surgery and aesthetics practices tailor their approach to each patient’s unique characteristics and physicality. This personalized strategy ensures that the removal is designed to complement the individual’s facial or body features and dynamic movement patterns, meaning a less noticeable result. 


Aftercare With An Aesthetic Focus

Dermatologists often don’t offer aesthetic-based solutions to help reduce the appearance of scars. Plastic surgery practices offer comprehensive care throughout the healing process after a mole removal. We provide medical-grade scar creams and skincare products to promote optimal healing and overall skin health, as well as nonsurgical treatments (like Morpheus8, chemical peels and ForeverClear BBL) to reduce any residual scarring. 

Patient with freckles

Advanced Attention To Detail

Aesthetic practices have meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the removal process is thorough and complete. Instead of freezing the unwanted mole, our providers use either precise lasers or a surgical-grade scalpel to make the extraction. Your provider will choose the right method for you to enhance the overall cosmetic outcome. 

Expertise In Precision & Aesthetics

Aesthetics practitioners are trained extensively in precision techniques and possess an innate understanding of facial and body aesthetics. This expertise ensures that mole removal procedures not only eradicate the mole but also result in aesthetically pleasing outcomes with an emphasis on safety and a faster recovery. 

A Relaxed, Sterile Environment

Plastic surgery practices are designed for outpatient procedures that keep patients safe and comfortable. Our procedure room is well-equipped and adherent to stringent surgical standards, providing safety and sterility during mole removals. This commitment to safety minimizes the risk of infection or complications post-removal. 

Smiling woman with brown hairThe Decision Is Up To You & Your Goals!

Choosing a plastic surgery practice for noncancerous mole removal ensures a comprehensive and personalized approach that prioritizes both health and cosmetic outcomes. The expertise of these professionals ensures precision, attention to detail and a commitment to minimizing scarring, ultimately leading to a more aesthetically pleasing result. 

By combining medical knowledge with an understanding of facial and body aesthetics, our providers play a crucial role in enhancing the overall well-being and confidence of individuals seeking mole removal treatments. 

About The Author Stacie Isler Bio Photo

Stacie Isler, MS, PA-C, is the Patient Care Director at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, and she is the primary provider of mole removal and skin tag removal treatments at our practice. She combines 15 years of plastic surgery experience with her eye for aesthetic excellence to help our patients feel more confident through a variety of treatments, including filler injections, Botox, hair restoration and more. Stacie remains at the forefront of innovative aesthetic technology and routinely adopts new methods to best serve her patients.


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